Charlie Sheen Says He Is Leading His Kids By Example

In the ongoing drama that seems to be Charlie Sheen‘s life these days, the actor gave yet another rambling interview on Monday (February 28), in which he seemed to imply that his lifestyle will not have any negative impact on his kids.

“Lead by example and teach your kids right and wrong,” he said in an interview streamed live on “If my right and wrong is a little bit different than anybody else, then my kids will be different too.”

The Two And A Half Men actor was asked about his four youngest children – daughters Sam, 6, and Lola, 5, with ex-wife Denise Richards and 1-year-old twin boys Max and Bob with estranged wife Brooke Mueller – and whether they might ask him about his questionable choices in the future. “I hope they do,” he replied, saying he expects to hear this from them: “Dad, fill in the blanks. This stuff’s gnarly.”

In the bizarre interview that took place in the backyard of his L.A. home, a chain-smoking Sheen was asked where the twins are currently living. “They’re in there somewhere,” he said, pointing to the house.

When asked who was parenting his kids, he replied, “Everybody here is parenting the kids,” although he acknowledged that Mueller is not among those present.

Sheen talked about plans to buy houses in the neighborhood for both of his exes. “I want all of my children to live behind these gates in this beautiful community and grow up together,” he says.

Sheen’s day ended with his longtime publicist Stan Rosenfield quitting, a direct result of all of the actor’s outbursts in recent weeks. “I have worked with Charlie Sheen for a long time and I care about him very much,” Rosenfield says in a statement. “However, at this time, I’m unable to work effectively as his publicist and have respectfully resigned.”

And then, in typical Charlie Sheen fashion, he responded by calling Rosenfield a profanity and then telling TMZ, “He’s not allowed to quit, so you’re fired.”

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  • klutzy_girl

    I really hope Denise asks for full custody of Sam and Lola. They shouldn’t be around Charlie. And Brooke has her own problems, so hopefully her parents or Martin can help out with the twins.

    I heard he could be bipolar, and Martin really needs to step in and help him. He clearly needs it!

  • Peta

    Does ‘leading by example’ mean “Kids? Don’t do what Daddy does/did, ok?”?

  • Anonymous

    I believe after the Aspen incident Denise did get full custody of the girls. She will protect them, and they have her Dad there as well.

  • Daniella

    I feel bad for his eldest daughter, Cassandra. The other four children are too young to really understand what their father’s doing, but his oldest is most definitely fully aware & probably being effected by her father’s actions.

  • Anonymous

    He really needs psychological help. There is clearly something wrong here… Bipolar, BPD, whatever. Someone get him help!

  • lynn

    i hope he gets help, there’s something not right- there never was. just please get help charlie!

  • Not Anna Blume

    there’s nothing wrong with him…he’s simply chosen his own way of living and viewing life. he’s not of the mundane…there is something wrong with you all if you can’t see that.

  • Not Anna Blume

    and…Ms. Takeda…I don’t see him saying ANYWHERE “I am leading my kids by example”. At all. Surely you can see how your entitling this article like it is is both misleading and irresponsible as a writer whose words are read by so many (easily-influenced) people.

    and I love how you milquetoast writers label everything this man says as “rambling” or the like just because you don’t like what he’s saying or are being obstinate to actually listen (read) and hear (take it in). A lot of what he says explains just exactly what type of creature he is and what is going on in his head. You all just don’t want to play along with his game–so be it. Admit that. Stop pretending he’s lost touch. If he’s lost touch, its because he already sees EVERYONE has, some just do it in socially acceptable ways–like purposefully misunderstanding people, baiting, slandering them.
    And generally being persnickety little GAKI.

    • Anonymous

      The fact that there are no quotation marks around the statement means that it is not a direct quote. It’s called a paraphrase – and in this case, it’s a pretty obvious one. Not sure how you missed that. You should probably apologize to Ms. Takeda-Morrison.

      “Lead by example and teach your kids right and wrong,” he said in an interview streamed live on “If my right and wrong is a little bit different than anybody else, then my kids will be different too.”

    • JKCBF

      “Purposefully misunderstanding people, baiting, slandering them.” Are you being a “persnickety little GAKI?” Is that what you’re doing? I hope so, because if you are serious in your defense of Sheen, I’m more than a little frightened for you.

  • Anonymous

    You just defended a man that admitted in his recent interview that he does more crack than is humanly possible. He broke up with Kelly Preston because he shot her in the arm. He has been arrested for abusing women. He was Heidi Fleiss’s number one client when she ran her escort business. He doesn’t see the world in a different way. He thinks it revolves around him. Have you actually listened to the majority of what he had said? None of it is remotely coherent. He calls himself a warlock and talks about winning over and over. Whatever your feelings on the man, something is wrong with him. It’s all gibberish.
    There’s something wrong with YOU for defending an admitted drug addict and alcoholic and abuser. But keep defending him, if it makes you feel better about yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Not Anna Blume:

    Yes, he has chosen to lead a different style of life but the motivations behind that choice should be examined carefully. Does he see his lifestyle as normal? As healthy? Does he see what he is doing to his children?

    Charlie’s right to make the choice to live this way ends when it impedes somebody else’s rights. How many people’s lives has he destroyed because he sent his TV show down in a flaming pile of wreckage? How many times does he have to mistreat a woman for someone to stop him? And how long before he does something stupid while under the influence and seriously injures or kills someone else?

    Actions have consequences. There is a difference between right and wrong. If does not understand that, then there is a problem.

    If you’re actually defending Charlie’s lifestyle, I’d hate to see what your life looks like.

  • Anonymous

    Not Anna Blume: Angry and bitter, much?

  • Anonymous

    In the real world, behavior/ drug use either lands you in jail or leaves you unemployed. It bothers me so much that “celebrities” still have jobs despite their law breaking habits. I have to take a drug test to get a job and for some companies their are random tests to keep it. I realize these people bring in a huge amount of money but it still pisses me off.

  • JMO

    he needs some kind of help. He’s spiraling out of control worse then Lindsay Lohan right now, if that’s even possible!

  • Pau

    This guy is clearly delusional. Someone get him some help!

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