Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves Talk Sibling Rivalries On The Red Carpet

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves are enjoying life with their two adorable children – Levi, 2, and Vida, who’s 13 months. While walking the red carpet at last night’s (February 27) Academy Awards, the proud parents stopped to gush about little Levi and how he’s adjusting to being an older brother.

“He dotes on her, but she’s getting big enough where it’s a competition now and he’s only got a few more months of being bigger than her,” Matthew told Access Hollywood.

“She’s gonna overtake him I think and really start whooping his butt soon!” he added.

Levi may be taking to his little sister, but one thing he’s not really into yet is the ocean.

“He’s still a little spooked by the water, mind you that Pacific’s a little colder than that Atlantic,” explains the Lincoln Lawyer actor. “He got in the Atlantic quicker than he got in the Pacific – when we went to Brazil. But, I think his sister’s probably going to be a water bug before he will.”

As for Vida…

“She’s definitely a daddy’s girl,” said Alves.

“It’s starting to happen,” added Matthew. “It’s nice when they notice the deep voice from across the house and they know it’s papa, they know it’s dad.”

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Photo credit: Fame

  • Anonymous

    He looked dirty last night, very unkept not very attractive.

    • Anonymous

      He always looks like that to me.

      • Anonymous

        If you mean that he always looks unkept, you are right.

        • Anonymous

          The word is unkempt, people. There’s an ‘m’ in there.

  • Anonymous2

    On this photo he doesn’t look that bad but on the red carpet last night he looked terrible. His hair, his skin didn’t look clean. I totally agree with all the above comments.

  • mackenzie

    Matthew style is the unkempt look.

  • Anonymous

    Camila looks great! But she cannot form a sentence without f …. it up! English class might help! He is great – talks a lot but funny! She is not so smart!

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