Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Are Starstruck!

Tori Spelling and hubby Dean McDermott are a little starstruck. Okay… maybe more than a little! After attending Elton John and David Furnish‘s Oscar party Sunday night (February 27), both reality TV stars took to their Twitter pages to tweet their excitement about meeting the new parents.

“OMG. Just met Sir Elton John. Such a nice guy,” tweeted Dean. “He leaned on my shoulder to talk to T. That’s one for the history books.”

Forget the history books! Right now, the couple is trying to make their way into Elton and David’s date book!

“Is it wrong 2 hope 4 a playdate?” Tori tweeted.

Wrong? No. But there may not be too much socializing going on between 4-year-old Liam, Stella, who’s almost 3, and baby Zachary, who’s only 2-months-old!

We’re sure Liam and Stella wouldn’t mind having two more “guncles” though.

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  1. Anonymous

    My goodness, never seen such absurd tweets.

  2. Anonymous

    Tori and Dean are truly pathetic!

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  4. Taylor

    Tori and Dean were so out of their league at this viewing party! Oh yeah, that is right, this party was for all of the losers who were not invited to the real Oscar parties. Sir Elton invited Tori so that she could donate a chunk of the Spelling fortune to his Aids Foundation given that she is a big fan of gays! So has she donated to his charity? If not, I don’t see a play date on the horizon.

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