Isla Fisher’s LAX Lass

Isla Fisher and her new baby girl, whose name we’ve yet to learn, were escorted through Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday (March 1) with the help of her bodyguard.

The talented actress – who is also mom to 3-year-old daughter Olive with husband Sacha Baron Cohen – has been busy promoting her latest film Rango around the globe.

This is the second time we’ve spotted Isla out with her tiny new bundle. Just last week, the duo was photographed together at London’s Heathrow airport.

Isla and her actor hubby, who will celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary next month, welcomed their second daughter in the summer of 2010, though the details of the birth have been kept under wraps.

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  1. Hannah.J

    Is everyone so sure it’s a girl, why would Isla have a blue baby blanket for her baby girl.

    • Anonymous

      Not everyone adheres to cliched gender stereotypes. Crazy, I know, but some people don’t actually care about such trivial things, preferring to focus on actual functional aspects of their baby items, like, does the blanket keep the baby warm, and/or properly hide it from the nasty aggressive men trying to take pictures of it?

    • Tis I

      I’m also not 100% convinced its a girl, personally!
      Not just based on the blue clothing/blanket, more a gut feeling…did anyone actually HEAR/SEE the interview where she supposedly said it was a girl?! its all based on one report from what i gather, so may well turn out to be a boy for all we know!

  2. Anonymous

    blue is not unisex, green and yellow and orange are. if blue is unisex, then what color is boyish??? that’s like saying pink is unisex.

  3. Lib

    It’s more turquoise than blue, but I agree, blue is certainly unisex. Some people do put pink on a boy (shirt, tee, shorts etc), each to their own I say! x

  4. Anonymous

    its more acceptable to dress girls in blue than it is to dress boys in pink….of cos we have learnt to accept blue as a boyish colour but it can be used for either

  5. Anonymous

    Totally off-topic, but that bodyguard looks familiar. I wonder if he is used by other celebs or if Isla brings him with her.

  6. Anonymous

    isla mentioned in an interview recently tht shes been strugglin to lose weight since having “her”, which is why it is assumed the new baby is also a girl, like their first child.

    i agree that blue CAN be unisex, and the blanket on the baby IS unisex IMO, its just little blue hippos or whatever. my daughter had a few blankets that were blue, wore football jersey onesies (with a bow), and had all unisex gear (our car seat/stroller were black and silver, our playpen was jungle animals, our bouncer was the fisher price rainforest items, etc). a lot of people dont rush out buy only blue or pink, theres a lot of other options.

    anyways – ill once again state that continuing
    to attempt to take photos of their children when the parents clearly ask for
    privacy, is beyond intrusive and IMO should be

  7. JMO

    I’ve seen a few shots of the baby now and it’s def. a girl!

  8. Anonymous

    My baby girl has that same sleeper outfit. Got it at Target. How refreshing to see a celebrity’s child in clothes that don’t cost a fortune!

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