Madonna & Lourdes Hit The Vanity Fair Party

Not many 14-year-olds get an invite to one of Hollywood’s hottest parties of the year – but then again, not many have Madonna for a mom!

The 52-year-old ‘Material Girl’ singer and her daughter Lourdes rubbed elbows with stars like Charlize Theron, Mick Jagger and Jon Hamm at the Vanity Fair Oscar viewing party held at The Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, California on Sunday night. Both were dressed for the occasion, with Lourdes sporting a super-short dress and Madonna wearing a black bodysuit with long lace overlay.

The teenager recently revealed that her mom often raids her closet!

“I’m not supposed to take things without asking, but she’s always taking things without asking. I mean, she gets mad at me when I take things without asking her, but… she has such amazing like clothes, so it’s like kind of annoying sometimes.”

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Photo credit: Fame, GSI Media


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  1. Anonymous

    C’mon Madonna aren’t you getting a little too old for not wearing a bottom with you dress?

  2. Elizabeth

    Wow looks like Madonna has had some serious plastic surgery to her face!

  3. Victoria

    So pissed at this picture! Look at her face, looking all nice, makeup flawless, & then she decided to wear a dress that’s not even a dress. It’s a black lace shirt looking leotard with a sheer lace, and for lack of a better word, I’ll say overcoat, and it has a split. And to me it’s not even an age thing, no one should go out without something covering their ass, 19, 20, 30, 40, 50, any age. Just a terrible outift. I could maybe understand more if she were at least on stage performing, but she’s not, and even if she were, I’d still say never wear this outfit, because it’s not cute at all. But in normal life off the stage, it just comes across as inappropriate.

    • Hmm...

      You’re pissed? Seriously? You don’t even know this woman, nor were you in attendance at the event. You’re pissed at a picture you see?

      • Anonymous

        Hmm…what do you think we are doing here? We are all having fun. You seem the one to be taking things too seriously. It’s gossip. We praise, critique, laugh at, or applaud celebrities who have chosen to live publicly.
        By the way, one doesn’t need to know Madonna to feel entertained or offended by the way she dresses.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it’s one thing to think she looks bad, but you really have no business being angry about what someone who you don’t know is wearing. It has nothing to do with you and doesn’t hurt anyone (other than their delicate aesthetic sensibilities), so there’s nothing to be “pissed” about. If seeing a picture of a stranger is so upsetting to you, perhaps for your own sanity, you shouldn’t be looking at pictures of celebs at all.

    • Janna

      You did read the article, right? It’s MADONNA for cripes sake. She’s been marching to her own drummer for 30 years. This doesn’t seem all that unusual for her.

  4. Anonymous

    Yeah I know, she’s missing pants….But what stunning women! Madonna is in a class of her own. She is still a strong, gorgeous woman and it looks like her daughter will be as well!

  5. Anonymous

    Wow! Lourdes looks fantastic for a 25 year old! I can (kind of) understand why Madonna is at this party, as she is a bona fide celebrity, and I understand that Lola is an up-and-coming designer (whatever)…but I think it is unnecessary and inappropriate for her to be at this party. I mean…WHY would Madonna want her young daughter exposed to this atmosphere????

  6. Sariah's mom

    Come on, this was the Vanity Fair after Oscar party, not some crazy club! This was clearly an amazing experience for Lourdes… I’m sure madonna is a capable mother who knows what she is doing. Lola is the same age as Hailee the actress who was at the party too. I’m sure it didn’t get to crazy!

  7. Anonymous

    Everyone loves to diss Madonna. They’ve been doing it for decades. But why waste your breath. She’s Madonna. She’s done it her way for years and really doesn’t care what anyone thinks. That’s what makes her great. Pants or no pants.

  8. mackenzie

    Hailee was there because her movie was nominated.

  9. SarahEL

    At first I was thinking…”what is she wearing” But, then I am thinking…If I had those legs…I would so wear that to show them off. 🙂

  10. Goddess

    Wow do Hollywood stars insist on having their children look like adults. She does look like a 25 year old, rather than a 14 years old. Too grown before her time.

  11. Tis I

    Wow…Pimps and Hoes night, was it?!

  12. Anonymous

    Oh my god why is everyone saying she looks like an adult? NO SHE DOESN’T. It’s a special event her mom let her go to, she’s dressed up which obviously makes her look older, and it’s not inappropriate. It’s not like we see her walking around NYC like this, she’s usually dressed just like any other teenager wearing clothes from like Urban Outfitters. I get dressed up sometimes too when I’m going some where special, and naturally you look older when you dress up, does that mean my parents are bad like madonna too?
    god I hate when people generalize how celebs parents and kids act and behave.

  13. Lioness

    Not worried about Lourdes- Mom’s there, and I’m sure she can handle herself among adults. As someone else noted, Hailee was there, and is around the same age. Lola is beautiful, and the dress is cute- but not a fan of the dress ON Lola, I don’t think she’s old enough to pull it off. And I hate Madonna’s outfit, I don’t like the unitard’s cut on the legs… makes the get-up look tacky to me. They were raving about her on E!’s Fashion Police… I didn’t get it. Just my two cents…

  14. Anonymous

    Regardless of whether people like this particular outfit or not, I think it’s funny when people get so upset about a wacky outfit Madonna might wear. Hello, it’s Madonna! She’s been wearing off-beat outfits for the past three decades and not really caring about what people think about it. In that sense, I kind of like her fearlessness and it’s pretty awesome that she’s marching on doing her own thing regardless of what society might dictate. It’s like getting upset at Helena BC for being Helena BC when her quirkiness is what makes her interesting.

    It’s not as if Madonna’s going to a school event or to spiritual services, for that she dresses very differently than how she dresses when she’s onstage or at special events like this one. Also, Lourdes doesn’t dress like that on a daily basis.

  15. WazzMaster

    can’t believe she dresses like that infront of her daughter!!! dont get me wrong Madonna is BEAUTIFUL even at 50+ but seriously…

  16. JMO

    Well I’ll start off by saying Lourdes is gorgeous! And then I’ll add that at 52, if I had a body like Madonna I’d be running naked down hollywoood BLVD!!! Sure without all the glitz and glamour Madonna isn’t drop dead gorgeous but you can’t deny the women has a fit body for her age!!
    Lastly, I think Lourdes looks fine for her age. We’ve seen worse. Look at Ava Sambora or Ireland Baldwin all the same age (bit younger maybe) and they’ve been seen imo in far more revealing clothes on the red carpet. And Madonna has done a great job at raising her kids. I think I can count on one hand the times she’s taken Lourdes out to a public high profile event! Leave the women alone!

  17. Anonymous

    ewwww are they wearing halloween costumes???totally tasteless

  18. Anonymous

    I don’t understand why as soon as there are critical comments on a celebrity other readers jump at each other’s throat. Who’s being intolerant here??
    In any case, I think Madonna is boring. Really boring.

  19. lilseraph

    trashy, trashy she is like wat over 50 and dressin like tat I mean come on get wit it woman ya not in ya twenties just “grow up”.

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