Bethenny Frankel’s Lessons In Motherhood

She may not be a Real Housewife anymore, but things haven’t slowed down for Bethenny Frankel at all. With a mini-empire, 9-month-old Bryn Hoppy, and a new reality show now airing on Bravo, the “Skinny Girl” herself managed to take a quick break to dish about the most important lessons she’s learned as mother so far. At the top of her list? Separation anxiety is real – for moms!

“Leaving my daughter for overnight work trips is excruciating,” Frankel tells Shine. “It happens so rarely but I really don’t like missing even a moment with her.”

“Breastfeeding was also a massive challenge yet the greatest reward,” she adds. “Women don’t discuss how difficult a process it can be yet so worth the effort.”

Among the other things Frankel has learned in her nine months of mothering is that having a sick baby – even if it’s just a little cold – is a tough thing to bear.

Bryn had a cold and vomited in her crib. I hated it more than anything. All I want to do is hug and snug her and make all her pain go away.”

Above all else, Bethenny’s learning to trust her own instincts.

“I think we should play our own game and create our own rules and solutions,” says the Bethenny Ever After star. “Every day I learn something new to help me as a mom.”

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  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with her face!!?

    • Janna

      Wow, rude much?

      There’s nothing *wrong* with her face, she just has an odd shaped face.

      • Anonymous

        I was commenting on the fact that her face looks weirder than it used to.

        But really, it’s nice to know that random celebrities have random fans that are willing to spring to their defence re: their odd-shaped faces at any moment.

  • SANY

    She needs to put some weight on- she looks terrible. She isn’t pretty at all!!!!

  • Diva

    First off, who are we to judge who someone looks or if they are too skinny or too fat? The point of the article is about her as a mother and her daughter, so let’s keep it that way. If the point was the picture there wouldn’t be anything but that on the page.

    I think that it’s admirable to see someone that is working to balance being married, a business, and motherhood. It can be a daunting task that is hard to juggle all of it, so I’m happy to see that it’s possible. Many say that we can only have either two of the three when it comes to marriage, parenthood, and career. I like to see people that have all three because that means it’s possible.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get how she can be so skinny!! Good for her, I am jealous.

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