Katie Holmes & Suri: Kids Market Fun

With the bodyguard in tow, Katie Holmes took her 4-year-old daughter Suri to the Granville Island Kids Market in Vancouver, B.C. on Tuesday (March 1). The pretty preschooler was seen waving a Canadian flag and playing with a train set.

On Sunday, we spotted the mother-daughter duo shopping in the Canadian city. The pair are in Vancouver while papa Tom Cruise films Mission Impossible IV.

Katie is reportedly set to sue Star magazine for a cover story they ran on her last month with the title Addiction Nightmare: Katie Drug Shocker. The rag claimed that Katie joins Scientology sessions where an ‘e-meter’ is used. The e-meter, an electrical measuring instrument used in the controversial group’s auditing sessions, allegedly measures electrical resistance and reflects past emotional experiences.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News / Flynet

  • mackenzie

    Suri is adorable. I guess she like to wear dresses. We have seen her in so many dresses lately.

  • Louanne

    The Star should have done their homework.

    Scientology dot org /faq/scientology-and-dianetics-auditing/what-is-the-emeter-and-how-does-it-work.html

    E-Meter is a shortened term for electropsychometer. It is a religious artifact used as a spiritual guide in auditing. It is for use only by a Scientology minister or a Scientology minister-in-training to help the preclear locate and confront areas of spiritual upset.

    In itself, the E-Meter does nothing. It is an electronic instrument that measures mental state and change of state in individuals and assists the precision and speed of auditing. The E-Meter is not intended or effective for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any disease.

    In order to understand how the E-Meter works, it is necessary to understand some basic Scientology concepts.

    There are three basic parts of Man—mind, body and thetan. The thetan is an immortal spiritual being—the individual himself. The thetan inhabits a body and has a mind, which is a collection of mental image pictures.

    The pictures in the mind contain energy and mass. The energy and force in pictures of painful or upsetting experiences can have a harmful effect upon an individual. This harmful energy or force is called charge.

    When the E-Meter is operating and a person holds the meter’s electrodes, a very tiny flow of electrical energy (about 1.5 volts—less than a flashlight battery) passes down the wires of the E-Meter leads, through the person’s body and back into the E-Meter. (The electrical flow is so small, there is no physical sensation when holding the electrodes.)

    When the person thinks a thought, looks at a picture in their mind,
    re-experiences an incident or shifts some part of the reactive mind, they are moving and changing actual mental mass and energy. These changes in the mind influence the tiny flow of electrical energy generated by the E-Meter, causing the needle on its dial to move. The needle reactions on the E-Meter tell the auditor where the charge lies, and that it should be addressed through auditing.

  • Sarah G.

    Suri is so cute! ღ

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