Nick Cannon Talks Baby Names

They know the genders of their babies – one boy, one girl – but Nick Cannon says that he and his wife Mariah Carey haven’t quite settled on the perfect names.

The America’s Got Talent host reveals that though they have a short-list of potential names, they probably won’t make a final decision until they meet their little ones.

“I have vetoed a few names, but don’t know until you actually see them in person. Maybe we’ll come up with something new. We’ll know on the day they are born,’ Nick said on the Kats With The Dish radio show.

The couple revealed the sex of the babies just last month, with a friend gushing, “It’s truly going to be a dream come true for them. They get a son and daughter.”

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  • mackenzie

    I don’t get how hard it is to come with babies names.there are countless names like Brianna Jason Isabella Micheal.

    • jen

      yeah but because its these two they will probably come un with something like candy, fifi, poem, song.

      • Victoria

        Probably because they want it to be the right names for their kids, and something that has meaning, and just fits them. But still when the babies are born they could still change their names. Happens to alot of parents, they look down at their children when they’re born and realize the names that they’ve come up with don’t fit them.

  • Anonymous

    Butterfly & Rainbow

  • Anonymous

    chocolate n diamond

    • Annie123

      LOL! Perfect for them!

      • jen

        That totally what there gonna name them!

  • Sophia

    I hope they name them John and Sally. 1) Because it’d be kind of cute, and 2) Because everyone seems to be expecting Diamond Beauty and Lyriq Forever or something haha.

  • Courtney

    Um fifi isn’t that strange a name in hollywood what about Bob Geldof’s oldest daughter Fifi Trixibelle. and there’s always been strange names in hollywood anyway they’ve both previously said they want their children to have semi normal names. we’ll find out soon enough she’s due at the end of April though it being twins they’re likely to arrive at the end of March because of space constraint or other issues

    • Brooke

      Fifi Trixibelle is a stupid name, no matter who named their child that. But thanks for the medical advice, as always.

  • Courtney

    I wasn’t trying to give medically advice just pointing out the obvious. like I said previously there’s always been kids with stupid names in the entertainment business if the twins don’t like the names they get stuck with they can always change them when they come of age. I have a feeling they won’t be as strange as some star baby names w’ve gotten in recent years

  • Victoria

    Actually Nick & Mariah have stated that they aren’t going to name their kids anything strange, but I love all the strange ones everyone on here has come up with, LOL. But lets face it, even the ones you guys have named are tame in comparison with the ones Hollywood celebrities have named their kids.

  • Anonymous

    Kaiden and Kailyn

  • Tiffany

    Nicolette & Micah

  • sheigh

    mariah and nick will be great parents! Stop laughing at them with silly baby names like diamond or stuff like that ! they are more intelligent than you !

  • Stormy


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