Pre Oscar Studio Gifting Event: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

There were lots of new innovative baby products at the Jayneoni Moore’s Pre Oscar Studio Gifting Event. Here’s what caught my eye:

1. Babybot out of Canada has some of the hippest and coolest baby gear and accessories around. Here’s one of my favorite products – the Mimijumi Baby Bottle that has a nipple that mimics mama’s breast. How genius is that? And the best part – the top comes in different skin tones. I’d buy it for the packaging alone – what can I say, I’m a sucker for awesome design.

2. Check out the pieces from Mod Mom, a line of eco-friendly modern furniture for kids. The amazing thing is, for the first three years of her business owner/designer Kiersten Hathcock built all of the pieces herself. This toy box is so gorgeous it makes me want to have another baby just so I could buy it.

3. I think it’s a proven fact – babies don’t like shoes. But there we go, trying over and over again to squeeze their teeny feet into miniature sneakers or tiny Mary Janes. (Are there Manolos for infants?) Here’s a better idea – ToeBlooms slip right over baby’s feet and look every bit as fashionable as a pair of shoes, only more comfortable.

4. Does this sound familiar: You’re out for a walk with baby and you can’t find the bottle. Then you find the bottle but you can’t find your keys. Oh look – there are the keys, now where’d that binky go? The HippMAMA Tool Belt For Moms keeps everything right where you need it. I’m thinking I might be able to slip my latte right into that front holster. Don’t judge.

5. Think of it as a daily book of affirmations for your little one. The I Like Book is a notebook with spaces for you to finish the sentence, “I Like…” and share them with your child. Because who couldn’t use a little encouragement on a regular basis?

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