Siaomimi Victorian Boots Are Must Haves

Look who’s rockin’ some of the cutest boots around Hollywood. Charlie O’Connell and Honor Warren look like little fashionistas in their Siaomimi Victorian style boots. These cute leather boots are hard to find so get them while you can.

Eggy has the girls’ mustard boots ($86.40). There’s no surprise these adorable boots are out of stock but you can be notified when they are back. Art Bebe has them in bronze ($63). The faux button closure gives these boots the Victorian feel which cover a velcro closure. Easy to get on and off a wiggly toddler.

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  1. Louise

    Beautiful in a box, but quickly worn out on a toddler’s foot…!

  2. Anonymous

    OH! Charlie is so cuuuuteeeeeeeee!

  3. Jennifer

    I always wondered why Jessica Alba would put cute stylish Honor in those ugly boots! What is the popularity? Because celebs wear them? UGLY!

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