Naomi Watts & Her Brentwood Boys

Academy Award-nominated actress Naomi Watts was spotted with her two sons – Sasha, 3, and Kai, 2 – along with the nanny and the family pooch in Brentwood, Calif. on Tuesday (March 1). Looks like Sasha was waving at the nearby paparazzi. What a cutie!

The group were seen leaving the Brentwood Country Mart after shopping at Toy Crazy.

The week before, we saw Naomi and the boys playing at a park in Santa Monica.

The boys’ father is Naomi’s partner, Liev Schreiber.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    Now, we wouldn’t expect a parent to care for her two children out in public alone, would we?

    My goodness these celbs. and their nannies. They should try being normal and actually having to watch and raise their children without nannies.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous, I get what you’re saying, but to be fair, Naomi is one of those celebs who usually is unaccompanied when out with her sons — shopping, playground, walks, etc., particularly when in NYC. She also is very engaged when with her sons and is more interested in them than in her make up and clothes. Unlike Gwen Stefani, who is almost without exception pictured with nannies doing all the grunt work (even when her spouse is with her for goodness sake).

    • Anonymous

      My goodness easily said than done. When a celeb is in Thailand or Alaska making a movie who is to look after their kids?

    • Anonymous

      Why? Why is it such a bad thing to have an extra pair of hands, if you can afford it? If you had that kind of money, you’d do it too, and you’re lying if you deny it. But you don’t, so obviously it’s easier to sit there and judge other people.

  • mackenzie

    I was about to say GwenStefani is the celebrity who always use a nanny.

  • Anonymous

    i have 5 kids and take them out on my own, it gets kinda messy sometimes but i don’t get why if you have two kids you need a nanny to go out with you!Heidi Klum usually has a nanny for each child, it’s crazy!

  • Anonymous

    Oh Please! If you had that ridiculous amount of money at your disposal-celebrities make more than the IMPORTANT WORKING people of the world—-WOULD YOU NOT hire a nanny????? I would!

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely!!!! But, I wouldn’t use the nanny for every single outing — local playgrounds, etc. where I would WANT to be interacting with my kids instead of checking my blackberry and touching up my bright red lipstick.

      • Anonymous

        And how do you know they use the nanny for every single outing? You do realize celebs go out all the time without being photographed, and you have no idea what does or does not happen when you don’t see them.

        In any case, with respect to Naomi Watts, this is literally the first time I can remember ever seeing her photographed with a nanny. She takes the kids out all the time on her own. So I really don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • Anonymous

          With respect to Naomi Watts, ITA with you. I was not referring to her. She is a genuine hands on mom.

  • Anonymous

    Naomi rocks. She’s a multi-millionaire, yet she still lives in the real world (unlike the other person who was mentioned)

  • Anonymous

    Sasha is getting tall!

    BTW, I’m a nanny, and if any celebs want to hire me as one of their five nannies, that’s fine with me. I bet I’d get paid a lot, and not have to do much work if I’m splitting it with four other nannies. It would be an act of charity for the wealthy celebrities to support a poor girl like me. 🙂

  • Sweet ^__^

    I love samuel and alexander they so beautiful

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