The Name of Isla Fisher’s Baby Is Revealed – Finally!

Boy, have we waited a long time for this one! The super secretive Isla Fisher and husband Sacha Baron Cohen tried to keep the details of their second daughter under wraps for as long as they could — literally! But yesterday (March 2), photogs were able to snap a few pics of the couple’s little cutie while leaving LAX with her mom.

And not only do we finally get a good glimpse of the Rango star’s baby, we’ve even learned her name!

According to sources, the baby’s name is Elula!

Elula is the feminine form of the Hebrew word “Elul” – the name of the sixth month of the Jewish calendar, which usually falls between August and September. Perhaps in reference to the month baby Elula was born?

Fisher converted to Judaism before marrying Cohen in March of 2010. During that time, she was given the Hebrew name Ayala, or “Doe.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • AnnieMouse

    How cute is she?! I’m not a big fan of the name, but it’s definitely not the worst name I’ve heard in a while!

  • Anonymous

    Cute baby. But honestly, Isla Fisher needs to get over herself. It is certainly understandable that she wants to keep her private life as private as possible, but there were photos of her in the airport (from the same group of photos that you’ve posted here) where her bodyguards were shielding her with an umbrella inside the airport. Please. She is a good comedic actress who had one great performance (“Wedding Crashers”). She chooses to earn her living by performing for the paying public, so if her photo is taken, that’s the way it goes. Give me a break.

    • Anonymous

      The only person who needs to get over themselves is you. She doesn’t owe you or anyone else anything.

    • Anonymous2

      I very much hate when people say that celebrities owe the ‘paying public’ personal pictures of themselves and their families. THEY decided to become apart of Hollywood – NOT their children. So why would she not be wanting to protect her child from a bunch of people snapping their picture. Do you not think that would be terrifying for the child?

      As long as she continues to stand by her work, pose for pictures at appropriate times (like photo-calls, red carpets) – she does not owe you ANYTHING.

      • Anonymous

        You “very much hate”… wow. Well, you should pay more attention before you admonish someone, because I NEVER wrote that Isla Fisher “owes” me anything. I simply said that given her choice to make money by entertaining, yes, the paying public, then she should get over it if people are interested in seeing her photo. I never said she owes me anything – that’s ridiculous. Are you her press agent?

        • Janna

          True, you didn’t say that she owed you anything, but your implication is that she owes the public something. And she does, she owes them their money’s worth when she performs. Period. That’s it.

          Photographer are notorious for invading celebrities privacy. I’m not surprised that she’d want to shield her children from them. For you to suggest she should “get over herself” is really immature and pompous.

          • Anonymous

            You’ve just called me “immature and pompous” for expressing my opinion. You could express your own opinion without calling me names.
            As far as photographers invading the privacy of celebrities, I’m sure that’s true – but you are reading and commenting on a website where every photograph has been taken of celebrities and their children by PAPARAZZI. If you are concerned that flashbulbs would bother Isla and her baby, and other children of celebrities, then perhaps you shouldn’t read a website that consistently posts intrusive paparazzi photos!

          • Janna

            I’m not 12. I didn’t call you names. I expressed MY opinion of your attitude. It’s not the same thing.

            Also, *I* am not concerned about Isla Fisher and her babies being bothered by flashbulbs. I suggested that *she* might be concerned. Also, not the same thing.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah Isla please don’t attempt to protect your baby from a group of men with cameras flashing in your babies eyes

  • Julianne

    omgshhh At last ! GOOD TO KNOW

  • Julianne

    You’re right

  • Izzie

    Very odd name. Also, how does one pronounce the name?

    • Calla

      I think Elul is pronounced eh-LOOL so I am guessing Elula is pronounced eh-LOOL-ah. I couldn’t be wrong though.

  • Calla

    She is adorable and I love her name.

  • Courtney

    Um Isla isn’t the first star to name their daughter Elula Marcia Gay Harden named her oldest daughter Elula 13 years ago. I believe it’s a variation of Eula which is a litterary name as in Jody’s wife in the Movie Long Hot Summer. why is this such a big deal it was going to come out at some point anyway

    • Marilyn

      I believe Marcia’s daughter’s name is pronounced “You-Lay-La” and it is spelled Eulala if I remember correctly, so it’s a little different than Elula.

      • JMO

        your correct it’s Eulala.

        You know I was just thinking to myself how I needed to know this babies name bc I couldn’t sleep at night!! Well thank goodness I finally can rest easy!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love how she’s so private and is trying to keep her kids out of the press! Beautiful baby and name!

  • A

    I agree with the first Anonymous – if you hadn’t mentioned Wedding Crashers I could not have named one Isla Fisher movie. She should be happy they are interested enough in her (for not having really done much) to want a photograph.

    I never got why she was so open with her first daughter’s name, but the second one it was like a national secret. What’s the deal? To keep people interested?

  • Anonymous

    “Rango star…” wasn’t that one of the Beatles? heh heh.

  • Anonymous

    “According to sources” how cloak and dagger!!! Why not just say a friend/associate/publicist, whatever. Sounds like we’re talking major trade secret. It’s a baby’s name, folks, not some major news scoop – get over it.

  • mackenzie

    yeah Marcia name her daughter Eulala Courtney. I heard Marcia said her daughter name and eu-la-la.

  • Lioness

    I saw a commenter say this was the name a while back- guess he/she was right. Love Elula’s “old man” hair, lol…

  • nosoupforyou

    She chose her Hebrew name. She wasn’t “given it” at her conversion.

  • Anonymous

    Adorable baby!
    “Elul” would have made a nicer name, and still uncommon even as a Jewish or Israeli name. “Elula” makes me think of “hilula” which is a large public celebration…

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that Isla saved announcing the baby’s name for her Rango promotion tour. Ever notice that when Isla has a movie coming out you see a few things happenning that don’t happen otherwise. 1) There are oodles of paparazzi pix of Isla and baby–despite the “fact” that she is notoriously private. 2) Isla appears on TV and tells an “embarrassing” story about how she accidentally exposed herself in public. For Confessions of a Shopaholic , the story was about the dress she wore to the Golden Globes when Sacha won rippng up the back and exposing her butt. Then there was the cartwheel crotch shot on Letterman. Now we have the tale of Larry David’s hug ripping the front of her dress and exposing her breasts. 3) There is always a story about how attractive the male co-star is. She went on and on about Ryan Reynolds and now Johnny Depp.

    While it’s true Isla owes the audience nothing but a good performance, there really hasn’t been anything memorable since the bathroom scene in “Wedding Crashers.” That’s why the attention-whoring to promote a movie while pretending to be so private annoys many posters–myself included. Notice that really talented (though less cute) actresses like Hilary Swank don’t do this stuff. Isla has maybe five years of cute left. Then she’ll disappear.

  • Anonymous

    Does the baby’s forehead look odd? Like it bulges or something? She’s really beautiful otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    First of all, she has yet to announce the baby’s name, sources have stated and this isn’t the first they have said so. We are only getting pictures of her because she is at Lax and the paps are watching her. They will stop watching/getting pics after the hype of the movie dies down, just like every other celebrity. She not a attention seeking celebrity like some celebs parents that well all know, cough cough Jen Garner, Alyson H and Jolie-Pitts!

  • Anonymous

    don’t go to disneyland and complain about crowds. the paps trying to snap a picture of a celeb isn’t anything unexpected/new/unusual. if these celebs want to practice their craft w/ being part of the media circus; go on broadway. no one cares who you are there and you can still be an “artist”. added bonus; you get to bitch about no one appreciating the REAL actors.

    • Janna

      A mother who happens to act in movies tries to protect her babies from prying eyes, and you tell her to get a completely different career if she doesn’t like it. That’s hysterical.

      I don’t know why everyone on this site acts like she’s a bitch who complains constantly and wants attention but only when she wants it, and is crying Wah Wah Wah to anyone who will listen. She just doesn’t share info about her personal life, which is her prerogative. She also seems to tried to shield her children from paparazzi.

      How does that bring out so much hate from people?

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know, Janna. Their time would be better served by criticizing certain D-listers who seek out attention and then complain about it. I don’t consider myself to be an Isla fan, but I like the way she conducts herself.

  • Aussiegirl

    hahah. had a good laugh reading all these posts. All I will say… Way to go Isla… Keep doing what you are doing with your children. It seriously isnt any of our business what she named her children. If she wants to tell us she will. I love looking at celebrity babies as much as the next fan but I don’t get upset at the thought that she is hiding from us, or that she is doing this just to get publicity for a movie. I love babies, think they are gorgeous and will continue to read this website and enjoy the pictures that we are shown. I will not pick on the parents for this that or the other.. ‘Let he without sin cast the first stone”… No one is perfect, BUT everyone IS human.

  • lisa

    no celebrity is obligated to give us a glimpse into their private lives. key word is THEIR! if she wants to shield her child away from the cameras, it is her right and her job as those children’s mother to do that. tell me something, Anon; if you were in her shoes, would you feel the same or would you pimp your child? don’t worry; i’ll wait for your answer!

  • Anonymous

    Good on her if she Wants to keep her private life to herself she can.she doesn’t owe anyone anything. She is a happy mum of 2 beautiful children

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