Tommy Mottola & Thalía Expecting Baby No. 2

Congratulations are in order for music mogul Tommy Mottola, 61, and wife, singer Thalía, 39!

The couple are expecting their second child later this year, USA Today reports.

Mottola, former CEO of Sony Music Entertainment and Latin superstar Thalía were wed in December 2000. They welcomed their first child, daughter Sabrina Sakaë, in 2007.

Mottola – who was once married to pop star Mariah Carey – has two children from a previous marriage.

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  1. Anonymous

    His wife looks eerily like Mariah. It’s creeping me out a little bit.

    But congratulations to them!

    • Anonymous

      I think Thalia’s naturally prettier. It’s the curly hair and tan that makes her look like Mariah there, but if you see pictures of her before (I’m not sure about recent ones), she looks different. Thalia was a huge star in Latin America and other parts of the world before she ever got with Mottola. After they got together, it seems her career took a nosedive which is odd since he created Mariah.

      • Victoria

        Actually he didn’t “create” Mariah. None of these executives, producers, or managers “create” any artist. These people have natural talents that they have acquired on their own.

        I actually think Mariah’s prettier, but that’s just my opinion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They’re both really nice looking.

        • Victoria

          And actullay it’s not just this picture, it’s not like this is the first time she’s had a tan and curly hair. When they first got married everyone was saying she looked eerily like Mariah. I can’t see it when I’m looking at her, head on, but from certain angles, I can definitely see it. Not to mention other people have pointed out, that lots of women he comes into contact with see to acquire curly hair and other things. Just stating what’s been said.

          • Anonymous

            She’s had this “tan” before, you can check out “MariMar” or other older pictures for proof of that. She’s also had curly hair of and on throughout the years long before meeting Mottola. Her wearing her hair like that in that instance or another may or may not be related to his tastes. I don’t like the look but perhaps it is a favorite of his as he used to force Mariah to have her hair curly earlier on in her career.

        • Anonymous

          I say this as a fan, Victoria/Courtney. Mariah had lots of vocal talent, but so do a lot a of people waiting in the wings and many more who never make it. It takes more than just talent to make it big in the business and a lot of artists are created by “the suits.” A lot of stuff happens behind the scenes. Mottola was responsible for a lot of her early success. He was known for his payola and aggressive pushing of his artists, especially his young wife Mariah. It was well known in the industry at the time. He had major connections with lots of press outlets, radio, and TV and he pushed her songs and albums to the top spots with aggressive, sometimes dubious practices. He controlled her image, her music, and her videos and Mariah’s stated that herself! He was always the figure standing over her calling the shots. It wasn’t until she left him that she got more input and not until she left Sony completely that she was able to have more say in her own career and control. After she was with Virgin Records, her career took a nosedive and she was eventually dropped. She later joined Universal, the top record company, they pushed her career in some of the ways that Mottola did, though they were not as controlling as he was. Her success has never been as massive or consistent as it was during the Mottola/Sony years.

          • Victoria

            No one’s career stays consistent. No one is number one all the time. He also was the person who discovered Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez and the records they sold are no where near Mariah’s numbers. People can have all the image they want to, at the end of the day if they have no vocal ability at all, they’re not going to sell any records or a minimum amount.

          • Victoria

            When Sony kicked him to to the curb, which was shortly after Mariah left anyway, he had no power, he couldn’t turn anyone into platinum. Mariah may not have the same success she did in the 90’s but like I said no one has the same success they have when they’re first starting out, not to mention the way the music business is these days and the economy and pirated CDs/DVD’s, and the fact that an artist reaching the success Mariah had in the 90’s is so slim, no one is going to. But she still has her voice, no matter what people say about it, a pretty good fanbase, and can sell records. An artist needing producers or executives more than the executives and producers need them, and vice versa, is like that question of which came first the chicken or the egg. Trust me when I say the artist came first and then the executives and producers and they need the artists more than the artists need them. Mariah wrote the songs (alot by herself, some cowritten), Mariah sang them, and Mariah was the one everyone showed up for. Autotune wasn’t big in the 90’s & before, if you couldn’t sing on your own, or with a group to make yourself sound better, than you weren’t going to make it whether you had a big publicity team or not, and really who was going to spend millions in promotion when you had no talent.

          • Victoria

            I just want to add, that though there are alot of artists, waiting in the wings, but the 90’s was a different time and place. It’s all about oppurtunity. Alot of people today in the mid 2000s are on YT & sititng in their bedrooms dreaming. But Mariah had major oppurtunity, she had a demo, was actually out there shopping it around to everyone, and hung out at places that lots of celebrities hung out at. Her brother Morgan was a trainer who was in contact witih a few celebrities and people who knew celebrities. She also had a deal pending with Warner before Tommy broke that, after hearing her demo in his car (also gonna add that Sony & Warner did not like eachother at that time, lol). Tommy was basically good at what “suits” were good at, seeing an oppurtunity and taking it. I think people give him and alot of other people too much credit sometimes. It’s not that hard to shell out money on promotion when the money isn’t even coming out of your pocket. The money was coming from Sony who at the time was owned by a Japanese man called Morita. Him having connections I’ll give to people, but really Sony was so big damn label, why wouldn’t it have connections to radio by itsself. And when Mariah’s music was hard I doubt it was hard to get it played when people started getting into the groove and calling in and requesting, because radio was big then, unlike now. Last, when Tommy Mottola was fired, did Sony suddenly take a nosedive, and go bankrupt, no, just like it didn’t when they fired Walter. Not to mention Mariah’s career didn’t take a nosedive when she left, Tommy. When she was in the process of divorcing him and he no longer had input in what she was doing every step of the way (not that he was writing or singing any of her music) she put out Butterfly and Rainbow which did great. When she left and did Glitter with Virgin (which the music wasn’t bad, and though the movie is far from 5 stars it wasn’t worth all the flack she got and still gets, I’ve seen worse, and I actually kind of liked it) yes her career did do a nosedive, which yes they were somewhat responsible for too. And then she came back with The Emancipation of Mimi, and it was explosive. It just shows that people in the end recongize real talent, it is what wins out, image pales in comparison. And obviously LA Reid did what Tommy did, great promotion, and getting the music played on radio, which is what every label head does (Mariah has her own staff to book her on shows and radio). Like I said the only thing that the suits do that’s of any use to them is to ‘Discover major talent, an oppurtunity, before the competition does’. It’s the only thing that sets them apart from the others.

  2. andreea

    i really like thalia, she’s done some really good TV movies.

  3. Courtney

    congrats to them on the new baby. yes she does look eeriliy like Mariah but Mariah’s always had curly hair because of her ethnic backround like my Cousin Adele does.

  4. Carrie

    Congrats on the new baby. But I just have to say I’m so glad Mariah divorced this dude. I mean she’s 40 and he’s 61, that makes him like 23 years older than she is. I know age is just a number (after a certain age!) and I believe in that, but I just look at some of these men’s ages sometimes and I’m like “Damn!”. I mean it’s just such a large gap. I wouldn’t mind marrying someone older than me, but they’d still have to be born within my own decade at least.

  5. Anonymous

    I wonder if this pregnancy happened naturally or if she had a little assistance. I just don’t see her still be that sexually attracted to him but ehhhh what do I know

  6. Anonymous

    Not only is Mariah prettier, she is a far better talent than this woman who is only relevant in the Spanish speaking world but Mariah is tops all over the planet.

  7. Anonymous

    They look great ! Thalia is way prettier than Mariah but Mariah is a better singer. Tommy Motola choose the perfect wife for him. They are happy and that’s what matters

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