Alyson Hannigan & Her Boba Tea Tot

Cuteness alert!

Doting parents Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof took their adorable daughter Satyana, who turns 2 later this month, out to get some Boba Tea in Santa Monica, Calif. on Tuesday (March 1). Later in the week, the trio were seen walking in their neighborhood.

We can’t get enough of the Hannigan-Denisofs! Alyson was named our favorite celebrity mom in our 3rd Annual Readers’ Choice Awards. Satyana also made our list as one of our fav celeb babies of the year.

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Ashley

    Satyana just gets cuter and cuter! I hope that Alyson and Alexis decide to have more children some day. They seem like amazing parents!

  2. Anonymous

    It looks like she could be expecting again in the last pic…

  3. klutzy_girl

    Oh, so glad I’m not the only one who thought Aly looked pregnant in a few pictures!

    (Still hoping for her to be a part of Baby Boom ’11)

  4. Anonymous

    “overexposure alert!!!”

  5. Anonymous

    It always looks like they’re stopping and using their neighbors stuff whenever they feel like it. Swings, toys, etc. Not to mention how everything always looks stagged and photo op obvious. I love Alyson but it’s a little much.

  6. Anonymous

    Also, in addition to my above comments. Why is her husband just walking along doing nothing but that elderly man is having to walk the dog? It could trip him and I’m sure Alyson’s husband is much better off to deal with an injury than an older gentleman.

  7. Anonymous

    Isn’t the boba in her drink a chocking hazard?

  8. Anonymous2

    Surely there are more successful & interesting people (ie. A-listers) in for the paparazzi to stalk? I just don’t see the appeal of these 3 at all.

  9. Tessa

    I’m sure the constant photographs must get annoying to them, but I love seeing pictures of this family. They’re cute, happy, always seem genuinely nice, and both Aly and Alexis are far more talented than many more famous people. He’s far hotter, too!

  10. Ashley

    Really? Wow. What have these people ever done to deserve such criticizing and rude comments toward them? They seem like a perfectly happy, normal family. Is that the problem? The fact that their names aren’t plastered over the tabloids every other week bothers people or something, so they feel the need to say negative things? Satyana seems happy and loved, and that’s all that matters.

    Some people aren’t satisfied either way. Some complain about people hiding their kids or not revealing information about them such as names. Others are critical of seeing the nannies constantly tagging along. When a couple takes their own child on a walk to the store or to the park and are doing nothing to draw attention to themselves but walking, people want to complain? GEESH.

  11. Anonymous2

    Noting that they are not A-listers is hardly a criticism it’s simply a fact. I’m have no doubt that they are a loving family and am sorry if you are offended. This is a celebrity site and all I was getting at is that there are bigger and more interesting celebrities to feature. 🙂

  12. AJ

    The reason this family is featured on these websites so much is because the vast majority of viewers like seeing them! They seem like a happy, drama-free family with a happy little girl, and people enjoy seeing that. If you’re so sick of seeing these pictures, feel free to scroll on past them…..

  13. Judge Judy

    I love this family. They are adorable.
    I think it is hilarious that Alexis is wearing the same outfit…
    He’s so normal!

  14. Anonymous

    Okay so she’s a B-lister; she’s still a celebrioty for corn’s sake!

    and okay, so Alexis doesn’t work as much as his wife. What do you want him to do, act like Frederic MArch/James MAson in a_A Star Is Born_, crawl into a bottle then walk into the water? It’s nice to see a guy with the slef-confidence needed to act and the inner strength not to resent his wife’s greater success as in more show-biz divorces than I can mention.

    And a neighborhood is just that, a palce where neighbors fell comfortable with each other. And just because Anna might live close by and have used the same public item doesn’t make her a stalker.


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