Amy Poehler On Life With Her “Double A Batteries”

With two kids still in diapers, things are pretty chaotic for comedic couple Amy Poehler and Will Arnett. But the proud parents of sons Archie, 2, and Abel, 6 months (who they’ve nicknamed their “double A batteries”), wouldn’t have it any other way.

“There’s a certain chaos that is kind of fun,” Poehler tells PopEater of her hectic home life.

“Like when you already have one kid in diapers and all that stuff, you might as well keep it going,” adds the 39-year-old SNL alum.

It’s total madness. You really, really learn the lesson of just living in the moment because you just can’t plan anything. Kids just really teach you to just enjoy this now because five minutes from now, you could be losing it.”

As for how Amy and her hilarious hubby keep themselves from “losing it,” and unwind after a long day of kids and comedy, the Parks & Recreation star says that a funny sitcom is the last thing you’ll find them watching.

“We watch The Wire and very serious medical dramas and listen to NPR,” Poehler reveals.

Who knew?!

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  • mackenzie

    Adorable babies. Hate her sons name Archibald and Abel.

  • xenia

    I think their names are awesome!

  • Anonymous

    These two babies are adorable 🙂 I like there names and the fact that they are allowed to be babies, dressed appropriatley for their age and not being pushed into potty training 🙂 Well done Amy!!!

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