Brooke Mueller Steps Out With Her Boys

In the midst of the media storm surrounding her ex Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller took their 1-year-old sons Max (green pants) and Bob to a doctor’s appointment in Beverly Hills, California today (March 4).

It seemed the brewing custody battle between Brooke and Charlie had been settled when he announced this afternoon during a radio interview and on Twitter that they’d “verbally reached a deal.” However, the agreement is apparently now off since the Two and a Half Men star violated the deal right off the bat by publicizing it.

Though the pair have been exchanging accusations – he says she’s using drugs, she says he’s been physically violent towards her – it was just over a week ago that Brooke joined Charlie and his two girlfriends on a trip to the Bahamas, posing for the pic below. However, she left the group and returned home soon after they arrived.

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that one boy sure looks like his big sister Sam

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  • Anonymous

    Ok someone explain to me why he has two girlfriends? Oh boy lol.

  • Sophia

    Bob is sooo cute! He looks just like Lola. Max is cute too but god it’s distracting how much he looks like Charlie.
    Yeah, Anonymous 1:12, I was just thinking that too. “Brooke joined Charlie and his two girlfriends”?! That’s so bizarre. I was going to say maybe it’s a typo and meant to say “Brooke joined Charlie and his two girls” (as in Sam and Lola)…until I saw the second last photo. Far out.

  • J.s

    Those girls aren’t just your ordinary. If I’m not mistaken, they’re actually porn stars or prostitutes. One of the two. He is a disgrace to society. Those kids would be better off without this unstable mind freak that you call a ‘father’.

    • Anonymous

      Like their cocaine-addict mother who has admitted to falling off the wagon A WEEK AGO is any better? No matter who they’re with they’re screwed. I vote give ’em to Grandpa Sheen or Uncle Emilio! 😉

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Charlie has already admitting to paying those 2 ladies for their services. AKA they’re prostitutes…wow wow Charlie really does know how to respect and treat women…not. I feel so bad for his kids, hopefully his son doesn’t grow up like him and hopefully his girls realize the way Charlie treats women is horrible and should not at all be tolerated. His kids should stay as far away from his as possible.

  • elle

    the boys are so cute

  • Gisele

    cute kids. I feel sorry for them. It’s not like the mom is a whole lot better for them than Charlie…

  • Daniella

    I feel so bad for these little boys. At least Sam & Lola have Denise to protect & keep them away from this madness & Cassandra is old enough to do her own thing. The twins should really be with a stable member of the extended family, either Brooke’s parents or Martin & Emilio. At least then everyone would know that they are safe & well-cared for.

  • Jennie

    Wow ! Max looks alot like his half-sister Lola.

  • Anonymous

    Which one is Bob? They both have green pants…
    the one with straight hair looks just like Sam (and their father).

  • Anonymous

    Bob is the one being held by Brooke. Max is the one with curly hair.

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