The Locations Of Charlie Sheen’s Children Revealed

When Charlie Sheen announced on the Today Show Wednesday that he didn’t know where his 2-year-old twin sons Max and Bob were, he was serious. He urged his ex-wife Brooke Mueller, “tell me where our sons are.”

The boys were taken from his Beverly Hills home the night before by police after Mueller was granted a restraining order claiming the Two And A Half Men star was verbally and physically abusive to her.

People reports that the boys are living with Brooke, her mother Moira Fiore and a nanny in an L.A-area rental apartment. They are staying there until Fiore completes a purchase on a condo.

A source tells the mag, “Charlie kept the kids away from Brooke on purpose, and now that they are back with Brooke she is very happy.”

Meanwhile Charlie’s daughters, Sam, 7, and Lola, 6, are living with their mom Denise Richards.

Sam and Lola have not been to Charlie’s house in quite some time, and they have not met [Sheen’s live-in girlfriends] the Goddesses. They live with Denise. They’re doing well. They aren’t aware of what’s going on. They’re continuing with their normal routine.”

And to make things complicated, Sheen is enraged with Richards too. He reportedly asked her to take part in a photo shoot that would involve their daughters and his live-in girlfriends.

“It’s a very difficult situation,” the source explains. “This isn’t the man she married, he’s a completely different person. She’s supportive and she’ll always be there when he needs her help, but it’s really hard.”

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  • Anonymous

    i figured denise wasn’t letting him see the girls. who would at this point?

  • Anonymous

    This guys insane. Nuff’ said. Thank god those children at least have one sane parent who cares for them and their best interest.

  • Cabos

    I saw the whole thing on GMA and it was disgusting. The interview, how he showed himself with those women. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He has absolutely no integrity at all, no shame whatsoever. But i definitely blame more the media AND all the people on twitter who give him so much attention, which is after all, what he wants. He’s getting what he wants, and he now feels like he’s the king of the world. Very disgusting.

  • Sophia

    “The Goddesses” Wtf?!?!

  • Pau

    I wonder if he still has a working brain cell. I mean he can’t possibly be thinking at the moment.

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