Usher Is “Superdad”

Usher has fans around the world, but none bigger – or more important – than his sons Usher V, 3, and Naviyd, 2. Even when he’s away on tour, the ‘OMG’ hit-maker says he always checks in with his kids at the end of the day.

“My kids see me as a superhero, I’m like superdad to my kids,” Usher shares. “If I’m not with them every day we still see each other, we pray before dinner and we talk before bedtime.”

Another kid who looks up to the Grammy-winning singer is teen superstar Justin Bieber.

“I consider myself a friend and a father figure to him, someone who he can confide in and also someone who will lead him in the right direction,” says Usher, who has mentored the 17-year-old sensation. “He’s very young, this is only one year of success and I don’t think he’s going to have the type of career that’ll be short.”

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  • Anonymous

    superdad? really? he talks to his kids at the end of the day. thats not superdad, thats the bare minimum.

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