Charlie Sheen’s Online Message To His Kids

Charlie Sheen kicked off his first “Sheen’s Korner” webcast last night with a “shout out” to his five children – Cassandra, Sam, Lola, and twins Max and Bob.

Telling them, “Daddy loves you,” he took a swig from Bob’s blue sippy cup and added, “If you’re watching, tell mom to leave the room. It’s on.”

The Two and a Half Men star explained the cup during one of his many media experiences this week: “This is the actual sippy cup or bottle that Bob was holding the other night as I put him in the car,” he said, referring to Monday night, when police officers showed up to his Beverly Hills home to return the twins to their mom Brooke Mueller. “As a little shrine, much like in the Notre Dame locker room going onto the field you tap a sign that says, ‘Play Like a Champion Today,’ so as we walk by this in our house [we] tap the bottle and keep going.”

Meanwhile, one of Charlie’s former girlfriends, porn star Melanie Rios, insists to US that he is a good father.

“He loves his kids and he makes an effort to be there for them,” she says. “I have nothing bad to say about his parenting skills. I know he adores those kids.”

Another, Kasey Jordan, also came to the actor’s defense: “He really, really likes being a good father. He knows he has an addiction and in order to be a good father, he has to kick the addiction. He loves his kids.”

However, she says she felt a bit uncomfortable when he asked for their help to watch the kids.

“I was like, honestly, are Denise or Brooke really going to let a house full of porn girls watch their kids? That’s what got his kids taken away. It was really stupid to have that clip of the porn girl holding Brooke’s kids [in televised interviews airing earlier this week]. If I was Brooke Mueller, I’d go ballistic!”

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  • klutzy_girl

    I’m hoping all of his kids are okay, but Charlie shouldn’t be with them right now. He needs help.

    And just because someone is a porn star doesn’t mean they can’t help with any kids. Wouldn’t trust Charlie’s “goddesses” with them, but the point still stands.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, it’s not the porn star thing that probably makes them a bad idea to have around the kids – it’s the fact that they are willingly engaged in a relationship with Charlie Sheen, who is at best unstable. Their judgment obviously sucks.

  • JMO

    This guy is one french fry short of a happy meal!!!

    • TiggerTiff

      LMAO…I never heard that phrase before but I love it. So appropriate lol

  • Anonymous

    Crazy eyes! Poor Denise. Nobody believed her when she tried to tell the truth about him.

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