Halle Berry On Nahla: “I Hope She’s Proud Of Me”

Halle Berry is hoping Nahla will be proud of her.

People reports the actress gushed about her almost-3-year-old daughter while at the 42nd NAACP Image Awards on Friday (March 4). At the event she picked up the Outstanding Actress In A Motion Picture Award for her role in Frankie and Alice.

She told the press backstage, “I hope she’s proud of me. I’m sure she won’t like everything I’ve done, but I hope she will appreciate that I dared to be myself and always did what I believed in. I hope those are qualities that I pass on to her.”

Berry, who is involved in a bitter custody battle with Nahla’s father Gabriel Aubry, also expressed her love of acting.

It is just joy, it’s joy. I wouldn’t say it’s the hardest work I do, I would say it’s the best work I do.”

Things have been looking good in the romance department for the 44-year-old too. She’s currently dating actor Olivier Martinez.

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  1. Anonymous

    She’s not gonna be proud of her cutting up her Dad, Halle.

  2. Nahla

    She won’t be proud of her crazy mother because Halle doesn’t want her to spend some quality time with her Papa (he is even teaching her french); and remember the hit and run accident and the torrid sex scene in Monster’s ball. You know, her schoolmates maybe will make fun of little Nahla because of her scary mother; well kids can be very cruel… Halle, you are extremely beautiful on the outside, but you are a total s**t on the inside.

  3. Anonymous

    Good luck with that one, Halle.

  4. Anonymous

    Aha, now Halle will eliminate a father from her daughter’s life, just to use the child for her own enjoyment… Does not sound fair to the little girl at all.

  5. Anonymous

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like this! I look at her so differently now after the whole custody drama and “one drop theory” debacle.

  6. LaKesha

    I’m sure she will be extremely proud of her mother. She will know that her mother absolutely adored her and went to great lengths to protect her. Some of you mothers are absolutely speakig one way and living another–who wouldn’t go to great lengths to protect their child. NO ONE can argue that this child is 100% number one in Halle’s life.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with our LaKesha, for all we know Gabriel could be nothing but a money hungry, fame seeking sperm donor who is onlly using Nahla for his own means. Why didn’t he step up to the plate before the split to protect his rights as a father.

      To say that Halle is keekping her child from him is the same as saying that he used Halle for his purposes when he agreed to act as a sperm donor for money. (I wish she has used a sperm bank and avoided all this backlash). We don’t know the true story (what make your theory any different from a lot people) and there is no sense taking sides without the facts.

  7. JMO

    Her track record doesn’t fair well for her when it comes to men. Oh well better luck next time Halle. Sure most daughters are proud of their mothers just don’t give them a reason to not be proud of you!

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