Kate Hudson Is A Malibu Mama

Expectant mom Kate Hudson gave a glimpse of her growing belly as she headed out in Malibu, California yesterday (March 5).

The 31-year-old Almost Famous star showed off her casual and cool maternity style, pairing a simple white tank with a long, flowing skirt.

It seems Kate may be planning to relocate across the pond – it’s being reported this week that she has purchased a £4 million home in London, where her boyfriend Matthew Bellamy lives.

“Kate looks at the UK as a great place to raise a family,” a source tells the Daily Mail. “She sees herself living and working from London for the long haul.”

Kate is also mom to 7-year-old son Ryder from a previous marriage.

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Photo credit: INFPhoto.com

  • Ondine

    A growing belly, yes. But I can’t keep my eyes off that giant fat ass of hers under that dreadful see-thru skirt. She has all the money any unwed mother could want or need, yet chooses to appear in public in a wifebeater and crappy flimsy skirt. Please do us all a favor and go out and buy some maternity clothing.

  • Helene71

    It’s not what she wears that surprises me, it’s how fat she gets with her pregnancies. Listen I am not one to throw stones, I gained about 40 pounds with my son, but she is one of those women who piles the pounds on. I think she gained 90 pounds with Ryder. Obviously she can take it off like in the past, but she is older so it will be harder, if she does it naturally.

    I guess these celebs who pile the pounds on, use this time as an excuse to just let go, Kelly rip a gained 90 with each pregnancy, Leah rem ini-85 lbs, and mikla jovovich was well over 100 pounds extra baby weight. Some of them went too far both ways in gaining and then losing. But it’s crazy regardless.

    • Helene71

      Sorry for the typos, it’s hard to eat and type at the same time ( just kidding)

      • Tara

        Helene lol

        40lbs is not a lot to gain. I was 107 pounds before I got pregnant, at my final weigh in I was at 170! I was so hoping I was going to give birth to a 50 lb. Baby;)

        2.5 years later I am back to my starting weight. But to be brutally honest it’s only because I got sick! There is a silver lining with everything….

  • JMO

    I think for some reason the weight piles on quickly and others it never does. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s them eating more fatty foods or anything either. I do remember she gained alot of weight with Ryder. My mom gained 70lbs with me and I was a month early!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Kate will actually be a parent to this one or will she hand him over to its other daddy, like she did with Ryder.

  • Anonymous

    What he lives there and is not going to let Kat Hudson live with him? what a tool

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