Reese Witherspoon & Her Little Lookalike

Pretty pair! Academy Award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon and her lookalike daughter Ava, 11, were spotted walking back to their car after having lunch at a Beverly Hills cafe on Sunday (March 6).

Earlier in the day, the mother-daughter duo were seen with little brother Deacon, 7, after church in Santa Monica.

Reese is starring in the upcoming film adaptation Water For Elephants opposite Twilight hunk, Robert Pattinson.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News / Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    Those glasses are too big for Ava’s face.

  2. Janna

    Just to counter the first idiot who posted here:

    She is beautiful girl and those glasses really suit her!

  3. Anonymous

    She looks exactly like her mom…unbelievable…

  4. Anonymous

    As pretty as this little girl is, when a celeb’s kid is no longer a “baby”, commonsense would dictate that they would not be featured on CelebrityBabyScoop…. At least when the children are babies, they less apt to be traumatized and bothered by the intrusion.

  5. ned

    Wow she is a spitting image of Reese..crazy!! Uh oh wouldn’t be surprised if she towers over Reese soon. Deacon…. such a handsome little boy 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    What I like is this is a cute girl who dresses appropriately for her age. She does look like mom! Apparantly Reese posesses great parenting skills! Nice to see.

  7. Anonymous

    What gorgeous pics of a lovely mom and her beautiful kids. Amazing! Love this family!

  8. Anonymous

    @ Janna I am not a idiot I am just saying the glasses are too big for her face and stop name calling it shows how rude you are…and yes Ava is a beautiful young lady and Reese has done a good job with her kids.

    • Anonymous

      What IS rude is that you disguised your passive aggressive comment as “oh I’m just making an observation” you had nothing nice to say, instead you pick out what you think is “wrong”. Would you walk up to a stranger and say “your glasses are too big for your face”? She is a kid for crying out loud. I’m sure we can find a million things to point out about you.

    • Janna

      Well, sweetheart, I beg to differ. Only an idiot see a photo of a child on the internet and their first response is to negatively criticize her.

      Sorry, the idiot tag stands.

  9. Country girl

    What a gorgeous young lady she has grown into. Reese seems to be bringing her kids up really well. Like their dress sense and manners.

  10. ashlynn

    i get alot of comments everywhere i go they say i lok like reese

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