Update: Baby No. 3 On The Way For Guy Ritchie!

Update: PEOPLE confirms that Guy Ritchie, 42, has a third child on the way! His girlfriend of one year, model Jacqui Ainsely, 29, is pregnant with their first child together.

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Congratulations to Guy Ritchie and girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley!

Ritchie, 42, and Ainsley, 29, are reportedly expecting a baby this September, UK’s OK! reports.

Guy, who is already dad to sons Rocco, 10, and David, 5, with his ex-wife Madonna, is said to be thrilled.

“They have been keen to start a family for a while now,” a source says. “They’re absolutely made up. We expect to hear wedding bells next year.”

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  1. Victoria

    If this is true because it hasn’t been confirmed, then: Awwww that’s nice. I like Guy Ritchie, congrats to him, Jacqui, Rocco, and David Banda Ritchie. Maybe they’ll have a little girl so he can have the best of both worlds.

  2. Anonymous

    she looks like madonna!

  3. Anonymous

    She looks nothing like madonna I don’t know where you get that from.

  4. Anonymous

    She does look like a younger and more conservative version of Madonna. He definitely has a specific type.

  5. Anonymous

    Congrats to them! It’ll be nice for Rocco & David to have another sibling!

  6. Anonymous

    She looks like a mix of Madonna and in other pictures she looks like Lourdes, which I find a bit disturbing. Ever since the divorce he seems to have broken off any ties with his former stepdaughter which seems kind of cruel considering she called him dad since she was 3 years old. It would be nice if he made any effort to try and have a relationship with her. I hope David isn’t the one who feels left out as Guy’s father seems to think Rocco is Guy’s only son. It would be great if they are all treated equally.

    Jacqui’s a smart girl to make sure she’s going to get that paycheck for the rest of her life, but good luck to her dealing with his controlling personality. Perhaps she’s okay with giving up most of her career to be a housewife. They’ve actually been together for less than a year. I guess Madonna’s money is doing Guy a lot of good as he’s been busy spending it on flashy things since the divorce. He also didn’t spend his own money, mostly only Madonna’s while they were married. So much for the simple, non-money-hungry image he tried to present.

    • Anonymous

      I HIGHLY doubt that Lourdes has ever called Guy “Dad”! She appears to have a very close relationship with her own father. I grew up with a stepfather who was great, but never for a moment have I thought of him as my dad! I have only one dad, and so does Lourdes.

      • Anonymous

        She actually did regardless of your doubts. Madonna mentioned some years ago that Lourdes called both Carlos and Guy dad (one dad and another daddy? I can’t remember the exact wording). She definitely saw him as a father figure though she maintained a close relationship with Carlos. I found it unfortunate also that Guy was so set against living in New York and kind of forced Madonna to live in England. I thought that was selfish and unfair to Carlos and Lourdes.

    • Anonymous

      You’re obviously some whacko Madonna fan. Get over yourself, your idol is a crazy ass.

      Simple facts:

      Guy is not Lourdes’ DAD
      Lourdes has a Dad who she’s very close to.
      Guy knows David is his son, whether or not his Dad thinks so.
      Guy makes his own money
      He and Madonna have been split up for years.

      Learn these facts. It’ll make things a lot easier.

      • Anonymous

        Because everyone that doesn’t praise this man and points out the crappy stuff he’s done is some whacko, please. You’re a know-nothing douche. Lourdes called Guy her dad, both Madonna and Guy have stated so throughout the years and they were close for nearly a decade. Lourdes is also close to her biological father Carlos. One does not negate the other. Guy hasn’t bothered with Lourdes since Madonna and himself divorced. It’s been about 2 years. Guy’s father has made rude statements regarding Lourdes and David about not seeing them as Guy’s children even though Guy was Lourdes’ stepfather at the time and Guy is David’s father and he only really recognizes Rocco. He also made a rude comment stating he and his son Guy were relieved the adoption of Mercy was rejected. This man was and still is around those children, David especially. Guy’s family and his friends have made rude comments about the kids and Madonna. Guy is no saint either and the papers who worked with him reported his team was giving and selling stories to the press to spin his image.

        • Anonymous

          Oh My GOD! I didn’t realize you knew the family personally! Forgive my rudeness. I should be bowing down to such an amazing, knowledgable person. Wow. Can’t even believe it. I’ve never met someone who actually KNOWS each member of the family and exactly how they think and feel!!

          Ever think Madonna doesn’t want Lourdes to see him? Here’s an idea: Maybe Lourdes doesn’t care to see him. Her ex-stepdad?! Yeah. Makes sense she’d wanna visit him every other weekend with her younger half-brothers.

          • Anonymous

            Don’t trip over yourself with your try-hard sarcasm. You don’t need to be BFFs with the family in order to know that what was stated is fact. It’s all documented in multiple places.

            The boys don’t see Guy every other weekend, they see him once every couple of months for a few days and Lourdes has never been seen with him for the past two years. It falls in line with Guy’s father’s comments about how he feels and how his son feels regarding some of the children.

          • Anonymous

            And you know their custody arrangement, obviously. Because you see exactly when Rocco & David go to see Guy, EVERY time they go.

          • Anonymous

            I do because the agreement was made public and because it’s known when Madonna goes to London to take the boys when they are on school breaks throughout the school year. You’re pretty clueless in a lot of your comments you just keep proving it. You are also reaching because you hate Madonna and want to dismiss whatever doesn’t make Guy look all that great, but you ignore the other very valid points. For someone who supposedly doesn’t seem to care either way, you certainly stan hard for Guy and hate hard on Madonna as your comments show.

      • Anonymous

        “Guy has his own money”

        He had FAR less when he was single. Getting with Madonna helped his career and if he had money he should’ve used it instead of mooching off of her for a decade. She purchased everything including the pub he now has and the country estate. He also took more of Madonna’s money than what he had of his own money (he had less than $50m by the time the marriage was over and took more than $75m from Madonna). She could’ve easily taken his money but didn’t.

        If Madonna’s such a crazy ass what does that say about Guy selling off his sons’ custody to leave them with her? He took the money instead of fighting for custody. So what does that make him?

        Madonna has full custody of all 4 children and has never been declared an unfit parent even throughout all the evaluations she had to go through to adopt both David and Mercy. Guy “parents” (i.e. lets them do whatever they want including watch violent movies, curse, fight) once every couple of months for a few days and he’s somehow better or a great parent? Yeah right. You’re ignorant.

        • Anonymous

          You’re there whenever Guy has them too aren’t you? You see exactly what he does and doesn’t do as a parent. Again, I’m amazed I’m even able to speak to you!

          • Anonymous

            Again, you’re pretty clueless. Both Guy and Madonna have made multiple comments (when they were together) about how Guy was the passive parent who let them do whatever they wanted including some of the things that I pointed out. Madonna was forced by default to take on the role of disciplinarian and Guy would constantly break whatever agreements they had regarding parenting the children. This is coming from them when they were both still married, so are they both lying? Once again, you’re reaching to dismiss any arguments that don’t paint the best picture about Guy. Some writer who did an interview with Guy pointed out he was speeding and running red lights, had the kids playing video games so he could do other things, and watched violent MMA fighting with the boys all in one day in his presence and this happened a while back, soon after the divorce so the boys were younger. There’s also his documented ongoing drinking. Again, if Madonna is such a horrible person and parent, what does that say about Guy for letting his sons live with her full time? What does it say about him not fighting for custody and taking the money instead? You’re ignoring all the valid points and just simply hating on her just to hate on her because you don’t like her- your comments prove that over and over again.

          • Anonymous

            Ugh I wrote a comment and then the Site decided not to work. Madonna is far from a perfect parent and those kids are raised by nannies, pretty sure that came from the mouths of Rocco and lourdes. You’re insane if you think her money didn’t help her adoption of those kids. You should try focusing a little more on your own life instead of this family’s. Your obsession with them is unhealthy and if they could read your comments, surely they’d think you’re borderline stalking them. YOU DON’T KNOW THEM. You need to get past that.

          • Anonymous

            I second all of the above!

          • Anonymous

            I never said Madonna was perfect, where did I say that? That doesn’t negate what Guy has done or does. Actually Lourdes and Rocco never said anything of the sort and you don’t know them either to know how much time Madonna spends with the kids versus how much time they spend with nannies or with others and guess what? When they are seen with Guy, the also have nannies. Does that make him awful parent too? You are one to preach, you’ve spent hours, now days, debating over and trashing a woman you know nothing of and stanning for man you also don’t know. You need to get past that. Get yourself a life too before you start preaching and pointing fingers.

          • Anonymous

            You’re SUCH a hypocrite, it’s just ridiculous. Obviously this is going nowhere with a closed mind like yours. Take this as you will but I wish you luck in your obsession, delusional life.

          • Anonymous

            Hypocrite? Closed minded? Pot. Kettle. Hilarious! You are the one trashing this woman without knowing all that much about her, calling her names, stanning for a man you don’t know and know little about just to make her look worse and so you can trash her some more in the process. It’s clear you are clueless. And then you try to pretend you’re somehow neutral and the voice of reason. Please. Then you say I’m obsessed but here you are DAYS after still going on and on despite having no argument or real points to stand on. I’m presenting facts and stuff supported by facts, you are reaching at straws and pulling arguments and comments out of your rear; if someone is delusional, it’s clearly you.

          • Kate

            @Anonymous 1:28
            What does the adoption process have to do with her being a good parent or not? Are you aware that Guy adopted David along with Madonna? So if you are going to blame Madonna for something, you might as well blame Guy for the same thing. Guy has nannies too and he doesn’t see his sons anywhere near as much as his ex. I don’t see how having nannies is a bad thing, it’s for the safety of the children and both do it yet it doesn’t prevent them from being parents. I think Madonna is a good mother. I’ve heard great comments about her in that regard. I don’t know how Guy is though. You really had nothing to debunk what the other person was stating and yet for someone who tries to make it seem like they couldn’t care less about them you seem very invested in trying to make Madonna look pretty bad and Guy look innocent. You probably made the gristle comment too. You actually look worse than the person who you say is obsessed with them because here you are responding to them endlessly.

          • Victoria

            Oh, please this person looked no worse than the other Anonymous. They both looked pretty fanatical, but I could see where the second Anonymous was coming from.

            We don’t know what time Guy spends with his kids or not, because when was the last time we saw a picture of him with them, but for that matter when was the last time a picture of David and Mercy spotted with Madonna. We haven’t seen any lately because they’ve been flying under the radar, and they work. It doesn’t mean they haven’t spent any time with their kids. Obviously Guy sees Rocco and David less than what Madonna does because they are divorced and whenever you divorce, one parent moves out, usually the father, and now has a scheduled time to spend time with the children, therefore they are seen less than the other.

            People also need to realize that everyone’s family dynamics is different. Everyone who remarries doesn’t have children that call the stepmother or stepfather mommy, everyone isn’t close to their steparents or siblings. Lourdes could have called Guy dad and she could’ve had a relationship with him, but yes she did already have a stable relationship with her own dad who was and still is very much apart of her life, so his leaving most likely didn’t rip apart her world.

          • musiclover

            part of your replies don’t really have much to do with what kate said so that’s odd.
            < >
            victoria a mariah carey “lamb” siding with a madonna hater? oh color me surprised hahaha. was that you all along? it’s kind of peculiar you came back to comment despite making the first comment ages ago—- it’s weird for a person who isn’t a fan or for a casual browser who doesn’t see this topic on the first page. regardless, i gotta say 2nd anonymous did nothing to disprove the 1st anonymous instead that person just kept changing the subject whenever a point was backed up and kept bringing up other random things to try to stump 1st anonymous. it was almost funny in how bad it was. 2nd anonymous just kept arguing for the sake of arguing without proving anything other than their hate for madonna. you could also tell that person had very little knowledge about the points that were discussed. i like both madonna and guy and think they used to make a great couple but i don’t think either of them is perfect and things are the way they are now probably for the best for all concerned. it seems to work for them mostly.
            < >
            1st anonymous is right about the custody settlement because it was big news back when it was made public. guy did not fight for custody. madonna got full custody of rocco and david and has them all school year in new york. rocco and david get to see guy when they are on vacation from school but they share summers i think. they were pictured on tour or filming with her in the summers but i don’t remember the details of that specific part of the settlement. madonna takes them to england to see guy during their vacations. that’s why 1st anonymous knows when they see guy regardless of pictures since it’s written out in the settlement.
            < >
            they weren’t talking about everyone they were talking about lourdes and guy specifically. i do remember the dad comments too and them talking about how the girl was close to both guy and her bio dad. so there is no need to downplay how guy just cut off ties with her despite the close bond of however long it was i think a decade. i didn’t like that either, he should maybe try to rekindle things with her despite whatever the feelings between them might be now. i wouldn’t be surprised if she resents him. whatever it is it would be great if they all sorted that out.

          • musiclover

            the quotes i was responding to didn’t show up

            1. ‘I could see where the second Anonymous was coming from’

            2. ‘We don’t know what time Guy spends with his kids or not’

            3. ‘Everyone who remarries doesn’t have children that call the stepmother or stepfather mommy, everyone isn’t close to their steparents or siblings’

            insert them where the little arrows are at

  7. baker

    congratulations to them both x

  8. Anonymous

    This woman looks nothing like Granny Madonna. A major upgrade from Gristle.

    • Lydia

      Actually, Madonna looks hotter than girls half her age. She’s probably the last person to even come close to “gristle”. I see Guy Ritchie’s PR team really worked on you..

      There was a rumor going around that Madonna’s happy for them and is over Guy (she should be as she requested the divorce) so I’m glad about that, the girl does look like Madonna, a blonder version of her..

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  10. JD

    Am I the only one who’s tired of reading about people having kids and THEN getting married? When did commitment and responsibility reversal occur?

  11. FrankiePhe

    She looks like Madonna!

  12. Anonymous

    Re: “Update” — I don’t see any new information here, so what is the point of an update? A competitor web site confirmed it, so what.

  13. Dowgirl

    Well, I do know them both, married into the family. She is a strict Mom and actively cares for her children, and yes there are nannies because when she needs to have a suited, is she supposed to hire the neighbor girl? For security reasons is nothing else, people in her position hire nannies. Haters, back off.

    • Lydia

      Yes that’s how I see it aswell.. I’m sure there are certain celebrities or richer people in general that take too much advantage of the whole “nanny” thing, but Madonna, whether one likes her or not, seems like a very devoted parent – and I’m sure Guy was as well, just more playful and less the disciplinarian.

  14. Kate

    she looks like a blonde lourdes.

  15. Kate

    Sometimes she looks a little like Lourdes I agree with the other Kate, but sometimes she looks like Keira or even a little like Madonna. He might have a type. Best wishes to them.

  16. Julia1122

    I think all of you are crazy! I’ve never read such craziness in my entire life.
    WORD OF REASON: We don’t know these people! They are celebrities and could care less about us, and here you are memorizing every little detail you THINK you know about them. GET A GRIP! Look around you and involve yourself in YOUR OWN life. Learn more about your spouse, lover, friends, family, the old lady down the street. Anyone who is part of reality! Life is too short to waste getting into such a heated debate about people that will never know us or give a crap. Even if I knew that much about Madonna and Guy, I’d be embarassed to admit that I have nothing better to do. THERE’S A WHOLE WORLD OUT THERE PEOPLE!

    • Anonymous


      “Word of reason” “Get a grip!”


      Wow, really. It’s become a huge joke at this point. “Julia.” How pathetic. Regardless of the names, you are the same Anonymous hater who made all those replies days ago and you just can’t let it go. It’s been DAYS and you are still replying, checking on this topic though it’s buried pages away from the first page as it has been noted. Follow your own advice, get a life, and stop replying or stop being a hypocrite and admit you’re obsessed. You can’t have both.

      “I’d be embarassed to admit that I have nothing better to do”- You mean like spending hours and days debating over people you are CLUELESS about and trying to be right on the internet about such people simply because you happen to hate one of them? Yes, that’s very embarrassing, indeed.

      Take your own advice before you start dishing it. However, I expect another set of replies from you before you decide to go outside and breathe.

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