Suri Cruise: Preschooler With A Pacifier

Sure she wears heels and lipstick, but Suri Cruise still loves using a pacifier as seen in Vancouver, B.C. on Sunday (March 6). The pretty preschooler, who turns 5 next month, was seen entering Vera’s Burger Shack with the nanny and mama Katie Holmes as she held onto her stuffed animal and sucked on a soother.

The day before, the mother-daughter duo were spotted shopping for toys and cupcakes at the Granville Island Kids Market.

The Holmes-Cruises are in the Canadian city while papa Tom Cruise films Mission Impossible IV.

What do you think, is Suri too old for a pacifier?

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin / Pacific Coast News

  • Brooke

    What an odd little girl.

    • Anonymous

      your an odd person! What normal person would make an inapporpriate comment about a little girl. if you want blame, blame the parents. Do I agree with a 4 year old having a pacifier? No.. but she isn’t the first nor will she be the last.

      • Brooke

        It’s you’re, not your.

        • Anonymous

          Oh excuse me.

          I meant to say YOU’RE a moron, for picking on a child.

          • Brooke

            Thank you, I feel better.

  • Anonymous

    and let the bashing begin……………

    • Anonymous

      With a headline like that, it seems like people are being invited to criticize. I don’t know what’s worse, the site’s “anti-Suri” position, or the stream of negative comments.

  • Anonymous

    I remember mine being pried away from me and hidden on the top shelf in the kitchen when I was 3. And there was some determined climbing done in attempts to retrieve it. Hope ppl don’t go to town on this. I’m sure she isn’t sucking on it all the time. Every kid is different.

  • Courtney

    I’m not bashing but Suri is such a pretty little girl that having crocked teath when she’s older is going to be a hinderance

    • anonymous

      dont worry about her teeth parents have more than enough money to fix and or buy her a new set…..
      I think Kate and Tom are very secure with themselves and their parenting skills and obviously dont care what world thinks cause if they did they would not let her have pacifier, blankie, and bottles in public they would hide at home. so all the more power to them.

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t worry about her teeth.. it’s called braces. Many kids wear them these days.

    • Anonymous

      Helene71 said;

      “As far as the teeth excuse, my husband is a pediatric dental surgeon. He said it’s a myth that bottles or pacifiers cause crooked teeth. It only is problematic IF the child is still using either AFTER their baby teeth have fallen out. Your gums are not affected by the bottle or pacifier”

  • carolyn Robertson

    Well… I love her shoes. So cute! 🙂

    It’s surprising to see the paci.

  • Anonymous

    What is this! a pacifier? I don’t believe!

  • Grandma of Four

    SPEECHLESS! I am not going to comment on the binky! This one is completely beyond sense! However, WHERE is this little gal’s playpals, time at parks, going to preschool with othr little kids to learn socialization? Suri is just a little child. Nothing that goes on can be assigned to her specificaly. She has parents and grandparents who are the responsible (?) parties in the way she is being brought up. They are the ones who make the final decisions and I shake my head at those decisions often.

    • Anonymous

      She is going to freaking lunch, for paparazzi-stalking little girls creepiness sakes!. Does one need playmates for lunch? And how the hell do YOU know whom this little girl plays with, when and where, or not? Remember, the media is in it to get our attention, they love sensationalism! And how do any of us know if the Cruise’s aren’t already weaning her off it in their own way?

  • Anonymous

    You ugly people; you know nothing about what mess remarks do to young children, even Hollywood’s children. Leave children alone you mess up their minds.

    • Brooke

      Right, because I’m sure Suri Cruise reads celebrity baby scoop.

  • Urli

    Oh hells naw. Seriously?

  • JMO

    Well now if she was wearing her high heels the look would be complete!!

    This is weird I have NEVER seen this child photographed witha paci even as a baby (a bottle yea) so where the heck does the pacifier come in. Did Suri see one and say, “oh let me give that a whirl?” …I mean is she too old? yes! Have we seen other children just as old with them? yes! Is it the end of the world? No! But this really just looks completely out of character and I think Tom and Katie have finally lost it.

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t you people quit your bickering and judging. If Tom and his wife want to let their little girl have a paci, it’s their business—-not all you busy bodies. Take care of your own children. Have they ask you how to raise your children?

  • Anon

    Bottom line……yes 5 is too old! And forget about bad teeth or speech impediments this just looks absolutely ridiculous!! A child that old does not need this as a “comfort” item. She has a teddy as we can see and a blanket she never seems to leave the house with. A child who starts preschool (let alone kindergarten next year) should not have a binky….end of story! IT’s called lazy parenting….omg *gasp* that’s right I said it….Lazy Parenting!!!

    • Anonymous

      How do you know what this child needs regardless of her age? You sound like you should be raising all of the children of the world! I hope someone has made you a gold medal for parent of the year!!

      • Helene71

        I think she is too old for a pacifier, but it was ok to let her use the bottle until she was 3-3.5. I have had three separate pediactricians tell me that they see no problem in the use of bottles or a pacifier up to the age of 3.5. Reason being that it tends to deter from thumb sucking which is a MUCH harder habit to break and it’s ALOT more difficult to take away from the child;)

        As far as the teeth excuse, my husband is a pediatric dental surgeon. He said it’s a myth that bottles or pacifiers cause crooked teeth. It only is problematic IF the child is still using either AFTER their baby teeth have fallen out. Your gums are not affected by the bottle or pacifier.

        • Anonymous

          Finally someone with some actual FACTS to back up their post! Bless you Helene!

          • Tara

            I agree. I too have heard what Helene said about the teeth myth.

          • sammi

            teeth shmeeth… it is about the development of social skills!

            Other people do not talk to someone with a pacifier in their mouth… and other people (including other children) do not understand what is being said when a child speaks through a pacifier. End result: kids with a dummy stuck in their mouth tend not to engage verbally with those around them. i see it in the playground every day.

          • Anonymous

            You shmoo… She is currently 4-years old! How the hell do you know how this little girl interacts? Maybe she just needs a pacifier for the numerous times the paparazzi stalks her, and that she removes it when ‘socializing’!

        • Pamela

          Five years old and ready to go to school. The worst she will get is the taunting from other children her age and that could leave a lasting traumatic experience at such a young age. I would give some serious thought to this.

          • Pat

            I just hope this bizarre habit is broken before she goes to school. It is sad that she is presented as sort of a mini-adult, but still has the pacifier….Just looks weird on an otherwise cute little girl.

  • Anonymous

    My son will be 4 this summer and loves his paci. Once kids are grown, they are grown-let them hang onto things like pacis and blankies as long as they need to. All kids and their needs are different. When did we decide what was best for every child? Once you grow up you are an adult for an awful long time!

    • Janna

      I’ve said the same exact thing many times. Childhood is so short, who is this child hurting by having a teddy, binky, blankie or whatever else she wants or needs. She’s not 30 for heaven’s sake!

      (And if she has those things when she’s 30, it STILL won’t be anyone’s business!)

      • Tara

        I agree Janna. My son is two and half and still uses a bottle. His teeth started to grow in when he was 4 months old. And no problems with crookedness. He doesn’t use a blanket, never had a pacifier and does not suck his thumb. The bottle is his comfort.

        If anyone in public ever dares to tell me that I am ” harming” him by giving him a bottle at this age, I let them know in no uncertain terms where they can stick this unsolicited advice;)

        Let babies stay babies ( and yes they are babies at 2-3).

    • Anonymous

      I have to agree shes still but a child and some kids take longer to learn things or gorow out of them. Leave her be!! She’s a beautiful child and its obvious her parents lover her very much and wouldnt allow for her to be hurt. The paparazzi are trouble makers and should leave negative criticism about children out of the media

  • Sarah34

    It not just the pacifier, it the bottle, the blanket, the heels, the make-up I mean is she a baby or is she a teenager they treat her like everything but a 4 almost 5 year old and people don’t bash Suri the call Katie and Tom lazy parents. Yes Every kid is different but that when parents are supposed to step in and take over my little sister was independent by the time she was 9 month she was walking, by 1 bottle was gone and she wanted a big girls cup by 2 she was potty trend she was not having the dippers she could not stand them . Me on the other had what’d to keep my bottle and if I had my way I probably would have had it for a long time but my mom step in and started parenting and by 2 the bottle was gone.

    • JMO

      I agree. One day it’s like she’s trying to be 15 and the next she looks like she wants to be 2 again! I guess Suri is already living the life of wanting to have her cake and eat it to.

      I was the same way btw. I hated pacifiers, stopped taking a bottle at 8 months old, potty trained right after I turned 2. My brother on the other hand wanted his bottle & pacifiers until he was almost 3 and could careless about being potty trained!! My mom called it, Being a Boy & Being Lazy!

      • Janna

        What is wrong with her being at different stages, in different moods on different days?

        Some days I have to have meetings with presidents of large corporations, some days I’m laying on the floor playing Barbie dress up with my niece, some days I’m rocking out at a Hannah Montana concert with my kids, some days I’m paying bills and balancing the checkbook. And you know what? I enjoy all of it.

        Anyone who thinks that this child is having her cake and eating it too, is quite clearly jealous of the fact that they can’t do that in their own life. Sorry, but this child will never be leading the life you do: she’ll never have to wash dishes, she’ll never be worried about the rent, she’ll never have to scrimp and save for a car, she’ll never have to take out the garbage or wait her turn for an MRI.

        She’s privileged and like it or not, the privileged lead VERY different lives than the masses do.

      • Tara

        ” My brother on the other hand wanted his bottle & pacifiers until he was almost 3 and could careless about being potty trained!! My mom called it, Being a Boy & Being Lazy!”

        What an ignorant generalization. Potty training a boy is much more difficult because of simple anatomy. They have to master both standing up and sitting down. Secondly boys systematically have a difficult time grasping direction.

        Additionally boys tend to be much more orally fixated ( it never changes) so their need for the bottle, thumb or pacifier is driven stronger by this comfort urge.

        I truly hope you don’t have kids of your own, because some of your posts are really bitter and judgmental

        • JMO

          of course they are driven stronger by the urge to suck for comfort. They grow up to be men don’t they?? ….sorry couldn’t resist.

          I do have kids thanks and all weaned off a bottles and paci’s by age 1. Why? Bc it was that easy and bc I am the mom and said enough is enough. They are happy well adjusted children with no memories of binky bottles etc.
          Of course we all want our kids to be “babies” forever but I actually was eager to watch my children go on to the next stage in their lives! Develomentally at 2 years old they are not babies but parents can insist on making them one’s if they choose to.
          And the boys being lazy was my mom’s comment. I don’t actually buy into it either as I’ve met some boys who have been eager with potty training.

          • Tara

            You have a right go your opinion, but not your judgemental stand. As is the same when you are an adult, you have a choice. My son potty trained at 2. But refused to give up the bottle. I will let him have it as long as he wants.

            Sometimes I think when people post overly aggressive, as you did here, your message gets lost. I do not think you intended to be nasty towards others, but perhaps think twice next time.

          • JMO

            Your right it is my opinion. Truly I could careless if Suri is 12 with a paci it’s her parents problem not mine! I could careless if your son is 5 and carries around a bottle! The questions said, “Is Suri too old for a pacifier?”
            I simply answered the question added my OWN opinion with personal notes from my OWN experiences. And with that I’ve learned the earlier you snag the “comfort” items away the better off you are from avoiding a long term battle with your kids. I have no regrets about taking them away from any of the kids I’ve encountered including my own. That being said your right having them taken away and/or letting your children hang on to them is not going to have any long lasting effects on them. So it’s a choice. I made mine, everyone else will make theirs, but I still stick by Suri looks like a confused child who needs a friend more then a binky!

          • Tara

            Sorry, I agree with others here, you are trying too hard to convince us you are right.

          • nosoupforyou

            Good post. You appear educated, unlike others here.

  • JMO

    Getting rid of a paci doesn’t make you suddenly grown up! It makes you move on to the next developmental stage which means a child will eventually have to learn to self soothe themselves.
    My niece had her paci until a little over 3. Her parents weren’t about to do anything about it so I did. I took all her binkys and cut off the tips and gave them to her. She pitched a huge tantrum for about 5 min. and guess what 3 hours later went down for a nap and never asked for it again! Her parents were thrilled they didn’t have to be the “bad” cop and take it away. Now she’s 6 and has no recollection of me doing it but laughs when I tell her the story!
    I agree. Children that old just look funny with them walking around. But I do still find it odd that in 5 years we have never seen her with a pacifier and all of a sudden bam she has one. Still scratching my head lol.

    • Janna

      So you got lucky and you let your niece “pitch a huge tantrum” for about 5 minutes. What would you have done if the fit lasted longer? What if she cried for days? What if she had refused to sleep? What if SHE wasn’t ready to give it up?

      All I’m saying is that just because something works for ONE child, does not mean that it’s the right solution for ALL children.

      • JMO

        Because the bottom line is children get over it and have to learn to cope just like anyone else! I have worked in child care for 10 years and as a nanny for 6 so I know many children and never met one who was traumatized by their parent taking away their binky’s! Children will cry and have tantrums that’s how they let their feelings out and that’s okay!! But by stuffing a binky in their mouth each time they have a bad day isn’t always the right answer either!! If we think oh no they may hate us for doing this or that then we basically have let our own children run the show.
        I’m not saying we tear childrens worlds apart by taking their “things” away but at some point you have to teach them and let them know that it’s okay to not have them or why they simple no longer need them. People act like 4 and 5 year olds don’t understand that concept…if you think that then you havent’ ben around many children.

        Every child is different I won’t argue that point but I knew my niece didn’t need it. It just became an accessory for her to carry. When she got upset I was able to talk to her about why she was upset I didn’t shove her bink in her mouth to get her quiet. She only needed it to sleep. Her parents had a bit more trouble with the bedtime routine. When she was with me she knew she wasn’t getting it but with them it was a different story. It took a few weeks for her to be okay with not havin it but the point is she did it and was rewarded with a special big girl treat for being able to do it!!

        • Tara

          Every child is different. My child never took to a pacifier but at 2.5 still likes his bottle. He self soothes with everything else and just needs the comfort of the bottle. Nothing wrong with that.

          However if my sister dared to ” take matters into her own hands” I would kick her bottom. Surprised your sister or brother did not throw a tantrum themselves.

        • Janna

          Actually, JMO, I think *you* might be the person traumatized by having their belongings taken away. It would explain your opinion on this subject.

          You stated: “…but at some point you have to teach them and let them know that it’s okay to not have them or why they simple no longer need them.”

          All I want to know is: Who are **YOU** to decide when someone else does or does not need something?

          Do you have NOTHING in your life that brings you comfort, or that you turn to when you need to be soothed? A favorite sweater you wear when you’re feeling down? A person you talk to when you feel depressed? A favorite food you eat when you’re cranky? How would you feel if SOMEONE ELSE decided to take those things away from you and told you that you should just suck it up?

          • Tara

            Good point. This rush to push our children into development stages is getting out of hand. To me the time I have with my son is precious. I am not going to put these pressures on him if 1/ clearly it’s not detrimental to him in anyway and 2/ he is simply not ready.

            Sometimes I despise going to the playground for this precise judgmental logic. My son has it a tad more difficult. At the age of 2.5, physically he looks like a 4 year old ( loads of curly hair, all his teeth have been there since the age of one and he is almost 3 and 1/2 feet tall). Every child is indeed different. I cannot recall this necessity for milestones when I or any of my siblings were younger.
            Let babies be babies.

          • JMO

            When they were in MY care for 10 hours a day. Yes it was me who made the decision bc I was the one dealing with them more hours of the day then their own parents! And my brothers and SIL were not mad at all infact didn’t you read?
            They thanked me bc they didn’t want to be the “mean” parent and do it themselves. They pretty much were waiting for my to make the move. oh and guess who also initiated potty training? oh well that was me to! Yes sorry I helped raise my niece and nephews so I felt like if they were left with me I got to step in as the second parent and do what I felt was best for them. Despite what ya’ll may believe I love them with all my heart and like I said before they don’t even rememember any of it so if you thought they or I was traumatizing ourselves well I just can’t help but lmao at that!!

          • Julia B

            In my experience as a school teacher for over 25 years, the parents that utilized the services of a nanny or day care center were happy to pass the job of actually being a parent off to a third party. So referencing the families that you worked for actually holds no water. They are barely the type of parental model that people should look to for advice.

            I agree with other posters. You state you have better things to do with your time than post on this board. Well you have made about 16 here alone. Where are the kids you are supposedly rearing , at this point.

          • Helene71

            So glad you said that Julia, I was thinking the same thing about the type of person who uses the services of a nanny. Day care is a tad different, as the economical factor is different, but one who has a full-time caregiver other than themselves, usually ( not always) is not the most devoted of parents to begin with..therefore could not be bothered with the actual duties of being a mom or dad.

        • Anonymous

          I cannot believe that people pay you to watch their children. I loathe daycare workers like you who think they know what is right for everyone’s child.

          • JMO

            Actually I worked 10 years in a childcare and started when I was 17. Everytime I was with a child over the age of 2 the first thing I did was yank their binky and distract them with toys and other things! Can you believe in 10 years not one parent ever said, “please don’t take my childs binky away” I know the thought right! Then I was asked by one of the parents to be their personal nanny! I know I’m such a horrible person! And yep they paid me VERY well to take care of their children!! I got a degree in ECE and am certified in American Sign Language and have taught all my kiddies to sign words. Yet I know nothing bc I’m a bad nanny/mother/childcare provider!!!

        • Anonymous


          You have the smartest comment on here and I’m glad some people out there still act like adults and don’t cater to each tantrum. Letting a child stay a baby is not good for them. It delays the rest of their growth and it also gives them the idea that crying will get you exactly what you want.

          The reason some of these people have children that cry for days and don’t sleep when they don’t get what they want is because they gave into it. Now they are stuck with their little monster that only they think is cute.

          Allowing your child to suck a binky, drink out of a bottle, wear a diaper, throw a tantrum, etc. is only setting them up to be laughed at by other children. It doesn’t help them. It also doesn’t has more to do with the parent that can’t let go.

          • Anonymous

            JMO – is that you agreeing with yourself.

            If not there are seriously disturbed moms on these boards. The reason kids bully is by example, your kids seem on that track.

          • JMO

            yes I totally waste my time agreeing with myself….you people are funny!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think we should quick to judge, webmistress, shame on you for trying to cause a controversy, Suri never even had a pacifier as a baby, this could be a pacifier for one of her toys. No need for a poll. How many times have we seen her with one?

    • JMO

      That’s interesting you could be right. Maybe it was a paci for her teddy bear and she popped it in her mouth (playing) bc as we see when she comes out with Katie she doesn’t have it. I too had real paci’s for my baby dolls too!

  • Min

    I have been using mine until I was 6.
    And I’m fine, and no crooked teeth.

  • Anonymous

    I often wonder what kind of comments we would get if a camera was on us at all times while out and about. This child who is still finishing up her years as little one is out in the media every time she steps outside her house. I don’t think it is surprising at all that she seems to have so many comfort items (bear, blankie, pacifier). I shudder to think what the mass media and public would think of our personal child rearing practices if we had paparazzi following us around. It isn’t lazy parenting to allow your child ways to comfor themselves. Who knows how often she has the paci in her mouth? Could be she was having a shitty day, or had a tantrum or whatever. Not for any of us to judge.

    • Janna

      You are my new favorite commenter!! Every word you said was rational and made sense.

    • Anonymous

      This comment makes the most sense out of all of them. Thank you for shedding sme light on this!!
      I write this as I sit, at 35, drinking a Sprite and eating peanut m&m’s, all while training for a half marathon in 2 weeks. I guess my mom and dad’s parenting style was…….lazy??

    • Anonymous

      I am a professional programmer who has raised two children (one of them now married). I clean up and dress up when I have to go meet with a client, or when I take my family out, but if papparazzis were taking pictures of me 24/7 most of them would look like a “crazy homeless man”.

  • Anonymous

    Look at picture number 5 Katie has that oh I can hear the story’s now look….something is not right about this kid…opps I mean her parents..Picture number 2 Suri fingers are not right, why don’t they just come out with it and say the kid is slow….

    • Anonymous

      slow? Can you at least be politically correct and say “special needs”, “developmentally delayed” etc.

      • Anonymous

        I think she is just afraid of the paps!!! I think its anxiety as to why she holds her hands that way…like she is clutching that bear for dear life! Poor thing….with all the $ they have why don’t they just raise her away from it ALL!!!

  • the girl

    She will get rid of it when she is ready. It really isn’t that big of a deal. She is a cute little girl whose parents just so happen to be in the spotlight. If sucking on a paci makes her feel happy, then let her! I mean, sure, she is probably a little spoiled, but who cares? Its not like you have to deal with her when she acts up, so it isn’t our business.

  • Anonymous

    I really do not think the Paci is anything other than a toy (an d I am usually the first one mad at Tom and Kate for letting Suri go with no jacket or barefoot in really cold weather). I have never before seen this child with a pacifier. When I taught preschool it was not abnormal for kids to try out things they had never done before. There would be some that would suck their thumbs, ask for food to be cut into tiny pieces, ask for no crusts on their sandwiches, or even express a desire to try a bottle.

    As for the parenting – Tom and Kate will do whatever gets them the most publicity. In my opinion (because I do not know them), they encourage Suri to do whatever she wants. And why not? It gets them all sorts of internet hits and publicity. If it was not obvious that Suri was loved by her parents I would have plenty of unkind things to say about them and how neglected Suri appears to be at times (and it is neglect to not protect your child from the elements)

  • Anonymous

    I feel sorry for this little girl,she looks ridulous!Did katie decide to give her a paci just to get more media attention?last week she was spotted with her baby bottle now this.One minute she’s an adult & the next she’s an infant?!Which one is it this is not normal.Lip stick & heels-baby bottles & pacifiers?This kid is going to be one messed up individual!

  • Yummy Mummy

    absolutely ridiculous. one day high heels and no tights in sub zero temperatures, the next a blankie and dummie. she looks like an utter spoilt brat, that child, and you are right above who said there is never ever a picture of her with other kids doing normal things. it seems katie holmes, clearly lonely and confused, has made a friend out of her daughter – who should let me allowed to be a child – but a CHILD, not a baby, she is nearly 5! and yeah, lazy parenting. so what if a 3-4 year old wants to wear heels, if mummy says no, that is it. what do you do with a 10 year old who wants to drink coke with his lunch? or a 15 year old who wants to smoke? surely they should have the brains to realize to put their foot down. poor child!

  • lily

    I don’t why everyone criticizing suri for sucking on a binky at age four. When there are celebrities children around suri age who was seen sucking on a binky . Valentina Kingston Francesca violet.

  • Anonymous

    I usually do not comment on these sites but this was just to hard to pass up. To all the folks with bad opinions, what if this was YOUR child and someone was passing judgement. You would be the first ones to be so upset. It’s a picture taken by a pap. You do not live with this family and I am sure most of you do things people criticize and you DON’T like it. No body is perfect . I am sure there are hundreds of 4 year olds walking around with a pacifier but guess what their parents are not celebrities. Get over it. Have you seen a 20 year old with a binky!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, it looks totally ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    hah this is ridiculous! one minute suri is acting like she’s 30 in heels drinking starbucks the next she has a pacifier in her mouth?! i don’t like to judge parents i don’t know, but i think my dog could do a better job then these two!

  • Audrey

    I just wouldn’t want to keep up with a pacifier. Too much trouble.

  • Gisele

    11:27 WELL SAID! My 4-year-old daughter just through hers out not long ago, on her own. Hasn’t looked back since. Her teeth and speech are fine. Matter of fact I sucked my thumb until I was 13, never had speech issues and my teeth are as straight as can be and I never had braces. Some people never suck anything and have bad teeth and/or speech problems. I think this misconception is outdated, unfounded and quite frankly, rediculous. People will have their opinions, but it is kinda like, get over yourself and MYOB!

  • Danielle

    Wow a lot of comments. I do not like pacifiers myself, especially on older children. I think its one thing to have it at home for bedtime but I certainly wouldn’t let my child or the ones I look after walk around with it. The 3 children I look after dont have their special toys and suck their thumbs unless its bedtime.

    What makes me mad is the people who usually think there is nothing wrong with a 4yr old having a bottle and a pacifier, think a 2/3yr old breastfeeding is disgusting. Im just thinking back to Mayim Bialik’s pages and how everyone was outraged that this mum breastfed her 3 yr old and in the night too (not saying I could do that I dont think I have enough patience) but bf is the most natural thing, bottles and pacifiers are extremely new to the human race!

  • Anonymous

    This is crazy!! in one moment, Suri of high jump in another moment of pacifier.

    This girl has problems.

  • Anonymous

    One more time and we will see her of diaper!!

  • Anonymous

    A 5 yr old should NOT be sucking on a pacifier. Any child over 3 should not have one out in public.

    • Anonymous – perth

      So a child over 3 can have a pacifier at home but not be seen out with one??? Sounds like we are more worried about what people might think of the parents than what is best for the child.

  • Lioness

    I always like to check to see how many comments will show up when Suri is doing something “controversial”, like walking with no coat/no pantyhose in questionable weather, or sucking on a pacifier, as in the pics above. 54 and counting- impressive. I’m guessing it will reach 75 before the day is out, with plenty of backseat parents judging the worthlessness of Katie’s direction.

  • Kimb

    Did anyone think she could be playing pretend or something? I think if it was a habit we would probably see her photographed with it more often kwim?

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn’t it be funny if it was photoshopped into the picture to generate a response like this – Ka-ching $$$

  • Anonymous

    What I learned from all 50 posts is that our society is full of judgemental people! I have a 3 year old son who has autism and I learned to be less judgemental because of him. He still uses his bottle up to this day (sensory issues). He goes to a pre-school for special needs kids and he doesn’t take his bottle with him. He can drink from a cup but cannot use a straw. I let him drink milk from his bottle because his diet is limited (as kids with ASD are). He’s had leaps and bounds since he started all these therapies and I know that when he is ready, he will give up his bottle and will be potty trained in their own time. One thing I learned from being a mom of a special needs child is, which can be applied to the general public is, don’t judge until you walk in the person’s shoes….u don’t know what is going on and don’t be so critical.

  • Anonymous

    To the parent of an autistic child. You are the exception. Your child is not normal and I don’t mean to belittle you or your son. I have a friend whose daughter is 12 but has the mental capable of a 1 yr old. She’s mc and autistic. An almost 5 year old should not have a binky in public. If I would see any other celebrity child I would say the same thing too. I have no problem with security items. Remember always have 2 if you can.

    • Anonymous

      First of all how Do You Know nothing is developmentally wrong with her. It’s not as if you can tell these things by pure sight. But furthermore who the h*ll made you judge, jury and executioner on all things parenting….

      Your comment to the mother with the autistic child is nothing short of offensive and condescending

      • Anonymous

        yes, you sounded very condescending with your remark.

        • Anonymous

          I agree that “not normal” sounds harsh. Maybe better words would be “not typical”. But still, you must see the point.

          If Suri was developmentally challenged (which I don’t know), then I think more people would be more understanding of the paci.

  • FrankiePhe

    My daughter never used a pacifier or drank from a bottle (she breastfed and then drank from sippy cup at 5 months). BUT she now occassionally walks around with a pacifier. She does not suck it. She is PRETENDING to be a baby. She sees other children using them and is curious. I suspect this is what is happening here. I personally don’t like the permissive parenting style of Tom nad Katie because I believe that children are people but they are not adults and as such some guidance in ares such as warm clothing is preferable. Even if it means just packing summer clothes away and letting them pick from warmer clothes. But this….storm in a teacup people.

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s too old. But what I find very odd about this picture is she’s WALKING. Almost every time she’s photographed she’s being carried.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with one of the first comments posted ….. this site definitely wanted to fuel a fire with that heading! Talk about bait! But guess what? Over 70 people took the bait and went crazy with it so I guess whoever writes this stuff is pretty smart. Don’t know why everyone who writes thinks they are super genius parents who know it all!! Newsflash…..there are many different ways and yours isn’t necessarily the best!

  • Anonymous

    The pacifier’s a symptom; the cause of her insecurity is what needs to be adressed.

    Personally, I’m just happy to see that she can walk. Every picture I’ve ever seen of her shows her being carried by her mother or father. It’s ridiculous, at this age. I was beginning to think she was physically incapable of walking. They need to let her grow up, have friends and play dates, instead of treating her like she’s 40 years old, taking her on shopping sprees for designer duds, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous (4:31)!! — I am the poster who made the comment you referred to- thanks for acknowledging me.

    I don’t know if “smart” is the word to describe the writer(s), but I’ll let that one go for now. ITA with your point about know-it-alls and judgmental people. This is a constant theme on this site. Although this is not always the case, based on a lot of frivolous comments I’ve seen (e.g. children’s clothes, appearance, cuteness rating, etc.), I have to wonder how many are actually parents or have ever been responsible for a child.

  • Sophia

    I couldn’t care less if Suri wants to use a pacifier. Honestly, 77 comments about whether or not she should have one is obviously expected but ridiculous.

  • jupiterfl

    I agree with Brooke….she IS an odd little girl, with odd parents who have been screwed up by Scientology….

  • jupiterfl

    and WAYYYYYYY too old for a pacifier!!!!!!

  • Goddess

    I think Scientology is jacking up these people’s minds. The child is going backward. Like the Jamaicans would say, wah de blodclot!

    • Anonymous


  • Rebecca

    I find it funny that this site always goes after Tom & Katie, but never Gwen Stefani. Which is more harmful pacifier at five or bleching a child’s hair? I’m not for pacifiers after two, but I just find is odd that the writter doesn’t acknowledge Gwen’s wrongs, only Katie’s.

    • Anonymous

      Amen, Rebecca. For the record, I think the pacifier debacle is either a joke (on the media) or a case of clever photoshopping. Unfortunately in Gwen’s case, I can’t think of any explanation.

  • Goddess

    Men Anonymous,
    You are so disrespectful and a coward too, hiding behind a big word, huh! I forbid you to leave anymore comments on this site, you should be monitored and your mouth should be washed with Oxyclean!

  • Anonymous

    God forgive me, but I am so sick of this kid.

  • Anonymous

    A four year old child should not be sucking on a pacifier. Just because we have orthodontists and braces does not mean that we should allow children to mess up their teeth knowing that there is a solution. We should still teach our children how to take care of their teeth and prevent future problems. Letting them make a mistake knowing that there is a solution is obviously a bad parenting method that the Cruise family is instilling.

  • Anonymous

    The whole thing looks staged,she doesn’t even look comfortable sucking on it.Maybe katie is upset because Charlie Sheen is getting all the media attention this week!

  • Country girl

    Not being a parent myself I cannot really comment on Suri using a pacifier, but it seems a bit odd. She seems like a really insecure little girl and really unhappy.

  • Anonymous

    When I first saw this pic of Suri I was kind of shocked. Probably because there has never been a pic of her with a pacifier. Then I thought about the many photos of her in heels, makeup, nightgowns etc. and came to the realization that this really isn’t all that shocking! I don’t understand the way Katie and Tom raise their little girl and it’s really not my business. It’s not everyday that I, personally see a child of almost 5 walking around with a pacifier, so I have to say it looks a bit strange.

  • Sunny Sue

    I just wanted to say, 100+ comments?!? On a kid with a pacifier??? Wow.

  • Anonymous

    Young children have a BIOLOGICAL NEED to suck. Most children around the world are still allowed this at 4 years olds by continuing to nurse from their mother. In America, this is less common, so bottles and pacifiers are the norm. The fact that Suri has a pacifier at 4 means that her parents did not prematurely take away her need to suck. This is her PARENTS’ choice, and I say more power to them for not being afraid of the inevitable backlash from ignorant f**ks like you people.

    Now go on about your day and leave this beautiful child alone.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone is entitled to an opinion. How ignorant of you to think otherwise!

  • Anonymous

    There are all kinds of thing you can do to break the paci and thumb sucking habit…here is a link: thumbuddytolove dot com

  • Anonymous

    who gives a shit about her shoes, how cute she is, my guess, is there are issues with lack of attention, and love

  • Vive Vendee

    She appears just a tad waif-like
    …I wonder if she is hungry?

  • Nalisa

    dont worry about her … she will be fine ….
    i m 25 years old now … but when i was kid .. i sucked on pacifier till i was 6 years old….. +_+ crazy right? i couldnt sleept without sucking on it … then someday i felt shy .. and i threw it to the trash by my self … n i never have teeth problem or social problem … i m not weird .. and i m doing good until now …
    so never judge Suri .. she is only a kid .. kids have different world … kids r not a little adult …. ^_^

  • Venni

    Cute coat! Pacifier is weird – does she have developmental problems. Biggest issue: the hair! Se looks demented with that hair. Why don’t they ever comb it?

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU!!! I was hOping someone would think it odd to see 5 year-old little Suri with a ..a pacifierrr??? Come on Katie and Tom.. sheeesh! Pacifiers piss me off altogether in the first place. They’re waaay overused to keep a baby, [er, that is uusually a baby{!}] quiet, and hindered from communicating their simple needs, i.e. “pacified”.
    I don’t care how high-drawer a child’s outfits are, a pacifier at Suri’s age ruins the whole picture…and gets you wondering more than you should have to…hmm~ I wish the paparazzi would leave this family alone for awhile.

  • Nans

    poor little thing looks so sad…she’s probably been irrevocably altered by all the cameras stuck in her face already. Too bad there isn’t a law — a stringent law — to assure kids of stars don’t have to be traumatized by the trappings of fame.
    On the paci: It’s awfully strange that Tom and Katie, parents of an only child who’s 5 years old, would even keep a pacifier, {let alone a baby bottle}, around at all! ..Could someone subsconciously be wanting another baby, perhaps, hmmm??

  • Anonymous

    i think there is some AB/DL tendencies in the Cruise household

  • day traders

    I really love reading your comments guys.I learn a lot from you.

    Thank you so much



  • Anonymous

    it’s really rather sad that multiple generations are “raising” children based on feel good pop-psychology, instead of the actual job of a parent, which is to train the child to become an adult. the “but, they’re only children” mentality has led to many people in their thirties and forties have the maturity level of a twelve year old. act your age used to mean something, hopefully someday it will again if parents go back to actually parenting.

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