Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz Enter Custody Battle

Things have turned ugly between newly separated Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz!

According to TMZ, Ashlee has petitioned for primary physical custody of their 2-year-old son Bronx Mowgli and Pete has refused this request.

Reportedly, after receiving Ashlee’s divorce petition asking for primary physical custody of their son, Pete filed papers for joint physical and legal custody.

According to TMZ, Pete also wants each party to pay their own legal fees, however Ashlee asked the court to make Pete pay the bill for both sides.

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  1. Anonymous - Anonymous

    Why can’t parents just play nice?

    Why do these mothers want to rip their babies from their daddy’s for no reason at all. All parents who are good parents should have equal rights.

    • Anonymous

      Good parents don’t cheat on the other parent to emotionally destroy the well being of that parent which will effect extremely negatively the child. A good parent doesn’t think about their own selfish needs first such as their own selfish sex life and wants and their own needs for cheating and risking bringing back a disease to the unknowing parent resulting in a sick parent who may die from the disease basically murder. I suspect he cheated on her which is why she wants him to pay legal fees, that usually happens when one person is responsible for the divorce. A cheating spouse will teach the child to cheat as well thus making them a bad parent. The morals are gone, teaching the child to be selfish, teaching the child to lie, teaching the child to emotionally hurt others, teaching the child to break the a contract.

  2. Jaya

    I agree, if a parent wants to have joint custody and is stable emotionally and mentally, why not? Now if he did not want to see the kid then it is a whole different story. Why deny him that right if he is willing and able. Hollywood is filled with a bunch of disfunctional people that we, including myself need to stop reading about because their lives aren’t any better than the average Joe and Sam.

  3. Anonymous

    She also wants him to pay the legal fees….

  4. Grace

    I find it unbelievable that Ashlee thinks she deserves sole custody when Pete appears to be the one who is with Bronx the majority of the time. I see about five times as many pictures of him spending time with their child than her.

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  6. suzan

    I dont understand what happened with these two? why did they divorce in the first place?

  7. ned

    I don’t get why celebs are doing this. Hallee Berry? Now Ashlee? All of them seem such loving and devoted parents. This is all just unnecessary and is certainly not healthy for the child. It’s called being inconsiderate of you ask me.

  8. Anonymous

    Why are 2 multi-millionaires quibbling over who should pay the legal fees?

  9. Danielle

    The only reason i can think of someone expecting the other one to pay for the legal fees of the divorce is for infidelity. Otherwise she is a gold digger.

    Ive seen more pics of Pete with Bronx and he looks to be a loving father, why should he not have joint custody?

  10. Da

    Regardless of their romantic relationship or friendship, they seem like great parents, I don’t understand why they’re involving the court system in that aspect. I’d just get divorce and lovingly, in the child’s best interest. work with the other parent to share the child equally.

  11. Anonymous

    Everyone’s judging,and I would probably judge too if I weren’t in the same boat. I’ve learned that you really don’t know whats going on that makes this situation get like this-going to court. You are not in their shoes so it’s easy to say stuff. i never thought i would deny my baby from seeing her father,but i am just recently though. I have let him visit her in the past,but he’s being a real prick!! Some things are complicated and are hard to work out!!

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