Lily Allen talks About Miscarriage & Eating Disorder

Lily Allen opens up about her second miscarriage and her body weight issues in the documentary Riches To Rags, set to air on Britain’s Channel 4.

The Daily Mail reports the singer had pregnancy complications throughout the summer and fall and lost her baby when she was 6 months along in October.

Regarding her eating disorder she confesses, “It was a really long battle – and I think that kind of thing changes a person.”

The 25-year-old, who in 2009 revealed she had body dysmorphic disorder, explains her struggle.

I used to vomit after meals. It’s not something I’m proud of. But, I tell you what, a lot of people came up to me telling me how great I looked and I’d be on the cover of every magazine… But I wasn’t happy, I really wasn’t… I would love to be the skinniest minniest person in the world but I can’t do that without being unhappy – I like food.”

Allen is set to marry Sam Cooper and is having Karl Lagerfeld design her wedding dress.

The couple are continuing their plan to start their own family.

In December her half-sister revealed, “Lily won’t let this stop her, she is absolutely determined to be a mum. This is what she wants more than anything in the whole wide world, more than her singing career. It’s always been her dream.”

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  • skyler

    It’s sad that lily suffer two miscarriages. I hope one day she will have a successful pregnancy.

  • Courtney

    um her most recent loss wasn’t a miscarriage it was a still born. but her manager mistermed it as a miscarriage she was 6 1/2 months when she lost the baby as he was due in late January

    • abby

      um, does it really matter?

      • Lioness

        Thank you, Abby, people just love to point out that distinction… I mean, who cares. She lost her baby, Courtney, is that better?

  • Angela

    So sad!

  • Angela

    So sad!

  • Anonymous – Anonymous

    I hope for her to have a healthy baby someday soon. She’s very young so atleast she has time to make it work even though that doesn’t make the pain go away from having a miscarriage then a still born birth. But if it’s meant to be it will be and I feel if she stays positive good things may come her way someday soon!

  • Shirelle

    It’s really sad she had two miscarriages. I hope she will finally have s baby I am wishing her all the luck in the world

  • RetdedAntatty

    Hello. xaxanjasdijwewe And Bye.

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