Lourdes Leon Is A “VAIR GUT” Material Girl

Madonna‘s gorgeous daughter Lourdes ‘Lola’ Leon was all smiles on her way to school in New York City yesterday (March 8).

The super stylish 14-year-old recently took to her blog and dished on the latest Material Girl news and more. “I just wanted to take UNO MOMENTO to tell you guys about the new campaign that we just shot for MG, it’s lookin sooooo VAIR GUT!!” Lola wrote.

Lourdes went on to welcome the latest face of her clothing line, Kelly Osbourne. “She’s extremely inspiring, she’s totally cool and she has MAD good style,” Lola said of Ozzy’s little girl.

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Photo credit: INFphoto.com

  • Dani

    I don’t get it…what does “vair gut” mean????

  • Anonymous10

    I didn’t get it either….Does she mean “sehr gut”??? (“Very good” in German). If so…well, that pricey private education isn’t bringing back much result…

    • Anonymous

      She isn’t studying German, why should she know it? She’s just saying “very good” in a humorous way, it’s not that serious. She attends a performing arts public school just so you know, since it seems you are quite concerned.

      • Anonymous

        she went to LFNY. 35K a year, very posh school in NYC

        • Anonymous

          She went there, but doesn’t go there anymore. It was reported here she goes to a public school now. The LF is a French school, but it’s not really posh, nor is tuition as high as you stated. It’s not a top tier school, it’s more of an international school with students from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

    • Anonymous

      ya.., she also said “uno momento”?! she should just keep trying with only english…

  • Sam

    ^^^ teen for “Very good” ???

  • anonymous

    I hope outfit she is wearing is not available because it is def NOT vair gut….. Outfit looks like something a crazy homeless lady would wear… I am sick of leggings…. they should be outlawed make all women look like TRASH…

    • Anonymous

      Oh relax! She’s just a kid on her way to school, not some fashion show or special event. She doesn’t need to be dressed like she’s going to an event 24/7.

  • Kate

    pretentious just like mommy

  • seeew

    Thank goodness they are keeping up with her eyebrows. I felt so bad for her when she had the unibrow. She is really pretty!

  • Anonymous

    UN MOMENTO she is not pretty…that hair ugh..

    • seeew

      Let me guess, you have “highlights” or some other type of typical suburban hairstyle. I think she looks better than most 14 yr olds do at that ugly duckling stage.

  • Anonymous

    Tough crowd! She’s a kid and kids speak a language all of their own! And she’s cute at best but 14 isn’t this the awkward stage?

  • Anonymous

    Lola is gorgeous and talented, people shouldn’t say a single bad thing about her if they don’t personally know her. She’s just fourteen.

  • Dani

    Ah okay…. I’m German so I didn’t know the teen-term for “very good” could be vair gut. English is not my mother tongue.

  • Anonymous

    Nice Ladies, picking on a kid. Feel better about yourselves now?

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