Stella McCartney Is “Done” Having Children

Fashion designer mom Stella McCartney is enjoying Paris Fashion Week as she displays her new collection of micropleated tops and polka dot dresses with top-heavy, V-shaped silhouettes. Having just welcomed her fourth child three months ago, the busy mom credits her “incredible team” for making it all work.

“I always have an incredible team and I think it’s important to try and strike a balance – to have a healthy balance,” Stella said of motherhood. “So when one [child] starts to scale out another, you kind of know when to pay the other a little more attention. The kids always have to come first.”

Stella and her husband Alasdhair Willis are proud parents to Miller, 5, Bailey, 3, Beckett, 2, and Reiley, 3 months.

But don’t expect the couple to go for a fifth! When asked if she’ll have another child, Stella replied, “I think not! I’m done!”

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  1. Annika

    No Stella, obviously the fashion week in Paris comes first.

  2. Emma

    That was needlessly nasty Annika!
    She has some great support and a great career. Let’s stop beating down women who work hard to create a balanced and successful life. Surely her kids are blessed to have a mother who has interests other than simply being a Mum. It will make them all more well rounded and happier in the end I’m sure.

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