Gabriel Aubry & His Lil’ Sleepyhead in NYC

Gabriel Aubry was spotted carrying a sleepy Nahla to their New York hotel on Thursday (March 10).

While Halle Berry is filming her new movie New Year’s Eve in the Big Apple, Aubry is caring for their daughter.

TMZ reported yesterday that Gabriel’s flight and hotel stay is being paid for by Halle.

Last month an insider told that Aubry wanted his little girl with him.

He really wanted Nahla to stay behind in LA with him while Halle went to New York, but she wouldn’t allow that, so he is uprooting and moving there to be with her.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Gabriel Aubry needs to go and get a job.STOP FOLLOWING HALLE AROUND.Get a job.If she was not halle berry ,would you follow her.Halle supported this guy through out their relationship and the are not even married.Please get a job Gabriel aubry.Are you going to follow halle around till the baby is 18.It is becoming ridiculous.Get a job Gabriel.

    • Anonymous

      Please people, DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS. If you answer this person above my post — they’re getting exactly what they want (attention).

  • Anonymous

    He does have a job retard and he ain’t following her around which is what he was fighting for in court dumb nut !!! He’s bringing his daughter so she can she her mother and so he can be with her also. She didn’t pay for nothing but her fancy lawyers to get to him and she barely got approval for this trip. She probably was trying to get Nahla all to herself in NY but he went because she is more important than any of her crap. But leave it to the haters to twist the truth… One day the man may say something to the camera or in a interview that would shut us all up
    for good.

  • Anonymous

    I have yet heard any project he is working on. Halle is paying his way to New York? he can’t pay his way to NY wowzy how broke is this guy? If he really wants to care for his daughter and wants to be near her 24/7 whey isn’t he financially supporting her? Just because he is white and happened to be a total loser you really do not have to defend him. Be frank he does need a career beside following Halle/Nahla. Well if the role has been changed you would have called him for what he is groupie/gold digger. He sees 18 years of child support and he won’t leave Halle’s site.

  • Confused

    I’m a bit confused?

    I know we can’t always take TMZ’s or Radar Online’s word on this or any celebrity/pseudo celebrity issue such as this.

    I thought the judge, who ruled in Halle’s favor said that Halle could take Nahla to NYC, she could and if Aubry wanted to follow, it would have to be on his dime? Am I wrong?

    I do understand that Halle originally had it written in her original contract for him to come, which he said no to and this mess escalated. Meaning that Marshall and company would pay for this.

    Second part of the confusion, didn’t Aubry supposedly find a place (whether it’s where he’s staying or not I don’t know) in NYC for 3-6 months and Team Halle/Halle made a comment that she was only going to be filming 1-2 weeks on the film right?

    Why would he stay in a hotel (unless that’s what he found) when he rented a place?

    I know that Halle sometimes staying in hotels when shooting on location in NYC regardless of her having a place there.

    RE: Aubry being a golddigger-possibly regardless of how much he and Team Aubry complain about how much he makes and how he felt uncomfortable being spoiled rotten having Halle foot the bill while he played golf and wasn’t even around for Nahla’s 2nd birthday party or with Halle checking out pre-schools/day care for Nahla.

    RE: being broke–some site has him being worth $4.5M v. Halle’s $50M. Think he can pay for his own travel and lodging.

    RE:unemployed—didn’t he just shoot a LV piece a couple of months ago and we know about his Charisma thing from this summer/Fall. Him giving up gigs to be a hands on Dad–LOL. If he’s unemployed, will that effect his VISA status to stay in the US? He’s still a Canadian citizen, right? He only has s a few gigs a year except when he was supposedly living with Halle when Nahla was 1-2. Who knows?

  • Fred

    so let me get this straight?

    Aubry is making up to $ 500.000 to 700.000 a year and Halle is THE one that has to provide the plane ticket and put his behind in an hotel room?

    He should be willing to go ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE in the world since it was Halle who got him contracts with Calvin Klein;Versace and Louis Vuitton 4 years ago!

    SHE financed his failed restaurant Cafe Fuego in New York

    Halle was THE one who bought him the brand new Mercedes CLS550 that he CRASHED early January coming from that skank Kim Kardashian’s house and he had the audacity to call Halle to pick him up and she sent her driver.

    So this guy not only emotionally blackmailed Halle but He got HER to pay even more money than SHE has already had for YEARS now to take care of THEIR daughter?

  • Lioness

    I guess the first troll invited his/her friends…. What the heck are all you people babbling on about? You all sound completely uninformed and NUTS. Gabriel is in NY to be with Nahla- if that means he’s following her around, so be it. He can definitely afford to- he still makes his own money, you know. And if Halle has agreed to foot his bill, so be IT too- she can definitely afford to. Not really sure why you people care- a man wants to be with his daughter, and he found a means to do it. I hope they’re all happy- Nahla sure looks like she is.

  • Destiny

    He was a Calvin Klein model before he and Halle meet and became the face of Calvin Klein, he is also signed to Wilhelmina models which is the top modeling agency in the US, he model for Louis Vuitton last year which was after the break up and is now the face of Louis Vuitton he also in a Charisma ad in VOGUE magazine this year and was also announce the company spokesperson at Bloomingdale’s.

  • Anonymous

    To be clear unlike other actrsses or women “Halle Berry” can NOT take a child she gave birth to work with her. Gabriel Aubry a man who’s
    “CHARACTER” is unknown is given a pass because he a model and
    who somehow became “SAINT GABRIEL” here on Earth. Folks hate Halle
    until HELL freezes over that does not mean that Aubry can not go to NY for
    to see his child like JUDGE told him to. Why is he special? People make arrangements every day to see their children. HE is not working, used to traveling for jobs and has nothing to do and besides the man had a home in NY and lived there for years so what is the problem. Pehaps he is the ONE being vindictive and difficult but But no that can’t be becuase he is PERFECT and white and a model. Can you say BS twice.

  • Mara

    Aubrey gets a free walk and the benefit of the doubt because he is apparently good looking. Halle has been made to be a villian because she refused to keep taking care of this man. All people have to do is look at that restaurant fiasco. He rushed into that to benefit from Halle’s fame. He hit the jack pot with Nahla, she is his meal ticket. She decides not to be used and she is universally hated.

  • Fact

    Oh my she does look a lot like her daddy, doesn’t she?
    No matter what else is out there about him, he looks like he loves his kid because if he didn’t he wouldn’t be there.
    Her ability to fall asleep in his arms shows the comfort and security she has when with him… thereby disproving allegations to the contrary.

  • Since when can’t dad

    Oh my god.. He is responsible father to his daughter.. taking time out of his
    life to spend time.. when all you people on the comment page complain that
    the father does nothing.. He said all along that he wants take care of his
    daughter..She loves her father and why not spend time they are not seen
    all the time together she is mainly with her mom… Except when she is working… Like most couples that have kids.. should we say the same for
    Brad Pitt who is just getting back to work now.. !! First movie in 2 years..
    Please Gabriel this is the first time we have seen them together since the
    custody battle …guess Halle thinks that he is a good enough father .. So
    shut it now.. please FATHERS LIKE MOTHERS ARE RESPONSIBLE for their
    own kids.. And no he is not a free loader but sees his daughter when he
    can.. so grow up..

  • nicoleC

    i think maybe Gabriel and Halle are making things unhappy between them
    but i think they WANT TO give THE BEST things for Nahla !

  • MsIrene

    I commend this father for wanting to be in his daughter’s life. I absolutely love what he is doing, and as far as I am concerned, he is doing nothing wrong. What difference does it matter as to who pays for what? The point is, this man loves his little girl and has proven that he will go through hell, for her. How many of us can say the same about our fathers? Halle has the money, but money can’t buy love. Look at this child, she is the spitting image of her daddy, and he wants to make sure she is raised with his love and protection! This man lived in foster homes, growing up, and knows the importance of “family.” I love him for this, and pray that God will always keep him in the life of his daughter! What a beautiful man, inside & out!!! As far as job, he has a job as far as I’m concerned (taking care to see that his daughter is safe and protected, while her mother travels the world). Clearly, this baby adores her daddy! So, haters, just stop it, because whether you believe it or not, he wants to be in his daughter’s life! Personally, I think that from all of the publicity this situation has been getting, Gabriel has probably gotten tons of offers. But, his daughter is more important!!!! Deal with it!

  • Anonymous

    the kid has a big nose and crazy scary eyes, and both parents are nuts. halle lies.

  • jodie morton

    I so wish Halle Berry would get over herself. I pray a judge will look at this situation not the $$$$ signs. If you are a deadbeat dad you get dogged if you are a responsible dad you get dogged so present father or absent father you dam if you do and dam if you don’t . Halle is such a control freak and drama queen. This child best interest should be the only concern here. So what he gave her pizza he’s a dad for God sakes as long as he feed her what the hell difference does it make what she ate.

    I’m sure he’s sorry he ever agreed to father Halle child. He should be able to spend time with his daughter and not have to take orders from Halle Berry. All children need both parent Halle is a prime example of a father figure missing in her life the disrespect shee has displayed for men especially Gabriel

    I pray this judicial system will for once put the child first and not hear all the foolishness Hale is coming up with . this child is a person not and object. There are to many absentee fathers in this world to argue over these minor issues. Halle has some serious issue of her own to deal with. i pray the judge will award joint custody .

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  • Anonymous

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