Tina Fey: Mrs. ‘Bossypants’

Funny mom Tina Fey is hoping to debunk some myths about working mothers in her new book, Bossypants, which will be released this April. One person she’d like to get an advanced copy? Her 5-year-old daughter, Alice.

“My daughter brought home a book called My Working Mom,” Fey told OK! at the 20th annual Bunny Hop. “It had a witch on the cover, and I was like, ‘This hurts my feelings.’ She was like, ‘Mom, I can’t read. I thought it was a Halloween book.'”

Tina admits that becoming a parent had a huge impact on her work life; especially when it came to being aware of the needs of other moms.

The biggest thing you realize when you have a kid is how many other people in your workplace are dealing with that,” said Fey. “When you’re single, you’re like, ‘Let’s work ’til 10.’ You don’t care. Once you have a kid, you’re like, ‘Oh yeah, if I’m exhausted because my kid was up all night with a cold, so are 10 other people.’ It makes you more of a sympathetic human being.”

As for whether or not she’s offered any parenting advice to her 30 Rock co-star, Jane Krakowski, who’s expecting her first child this year, Tina says that she likes to keep her words of wisdom to a minimum.

“I always try to hook them up with something like ‘a good baby nurse,’ or little things, but I only weigh in if someone asks my opinion. That’s the best way to offer it.”

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  1. Tara

    Tina is a case of “she doth protest too much”. She obviously has insecurities about her choices because this is the 4th time in 2 months she has brought the subject of working moms up in the press.

    Personally I think it’s a choice you need to be certain of on either end of the debate. For me I am a full time stay at home mom after having a successful career. At times I question my decision, but I know it’s the best thing for me and my son. One thing I do have difficulty tolerating is someone who seems to flip flop or act overly defensive as Tina does.

    Either way if you make a decision, show conviction or else you will not be taken seriously.

    • Anonymous

      I understand what you’re saying but I also feel like Tina gets so much more of the “how do you juggle it all” line of questioning than most other working moms in the business. She does come across as defensive sometimes, but it’s because she is asked the same questions over and over. I don’t blame her. Also, she’s just referencing the article she wrote for the New Yorker, which I believe also appears in her book that’s coming out next month. She’s just trying to promote that.

      • Tara

        I agree with your point. She probably does get asked this more than the average person. But she does not help her case, by constantly bringing up the witch comment. If I were her I would just simply say, this is what I feel is right and then end it there. My issue is more with the tine she takes than the actual working mom/ stay at home mom debate.

        I think everyone has a choice, for me it was to stay home. It’s hard and there are days where I just want to go to an office, because in my case that was much easier. I do agree with the poster who said that women who stay at home get
        as much scrutiny as those that don’t.

    • Anonymous

      She’s bringing it up because she’s promoting a BOOK.

  2. Tracey M

    I agree with you. If she just came out and said, “I like being a working mom…” that would be fine, but it’s the third time she referenced being called a witch..

    It’s a personal choice, my kids are in daycare because I like working. I have no problem saying it either.

  3. Anonymous

    Don’t you think that since she said something once that every time she turns around she’s getting some kind of a “working mom” question thrown her way? It’s the biggest MommyGate question out there. The media, and countless parenting magazines want to milk every dollar out of the working mom vs SAHM “fued” we are supposedly all having. Although judging by the snipes above, I guess it is alive and strong.

  4. Anonymous

    I feel like Tina is talking about working mothers because she made a book about working mothers and it comes out next month (as explained in the first sentence of the story.) I thought she mentioned the witch book because it was part of her inspiration for writing her own book. And she IS ambivalent about being a working mom, and that is why she wants to discuss it.

  5. Mary sweet

    This is crazy. Some of you moms get so worked up (pardon the pun) whenever someone has the audacity to point out that working moms seem defensive.

    Not one person has criticized work moms here, they said Tina seemed to bring it up too much. And she has used this witch reference on tv, books, radio. Enough is enough. I am now a stay at home mom, but worked for the first ten years of my daughters life. It was not financial reasons , it was for me. But not once did I get offended when someone npbrought this topic up. To be honest I very rarely hear stay at home moms get in an uproar because people question their choice, and don’t say they do not because plenty of my fellow moms were totally negative and gave no support when I opted to give up my career.

    It works both ways people, and Tina acts as though she is the authority on the subject.

  6. Anonymous

    Do what works for you. And let others do what works for them.

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