Meet Emily Procter’s Daughter Pippa!

It’s baby Pippa!

We got our first glimpse of actress Emily Procter‘s happy little family as she and her boyfriend Paul Bryan headed out for a walk in Los Angeles, California this week with their darling daughter Pippa (March 9).

The 42-year-old CSI: Miami star and her beau welcomed their first baby in December. Congratulations again to them!

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    Def. not a nice name…

  • Anonymous

    Is it normal that her belly still looks so “swollen”? I don’t want to be offensive, just wondering because I’ve never been pregnant myself 🙂

  • Elle

    The first two comments, one insulting the name and one almost insulting the mother. I think Emily looks beautiful, refreshing to see someone not fussed about getting into shape as soon as they’ve had a baby. (Not that there is nothing wrong with that, just uncommon with celebs these days!) Pippa is a gorgeous baby, and a beautiful name. If she likes it, thats all that matters. Beautiful family! Good luck, and congrats to them!

    • Anonymous

      Wow, I was just asking a question. I was stating the fact that she has a swollen belly without laying any judgment in that. You’re actually the one insulting her by implying her belly is a bad thing.
      I never had a baby and was wondering what is causing that since it’s probably not fat but rather stretched out muscles. But that’s why I was asking

  • Melissawilkins2

    It is a cute name!!! Her full name is Philipa Frances. Pippa is named after Emily’s Grandmother. Emily looks great! Glad she isn’t putting stress on herself or her body to lose the weight!!!

    I LOVE YOU EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Pippa is a great name, its my daughters name. Philippa is a good traditional name and Pippa is a lovely name for a little girl and there are a lot of diffrent nick names for when they get older. But I do think the double p spelling of Philippa makes more sence if you are going to use the nick name Pippa.

  • skyler

    Pippa is an ugly name.

  • Anonymous

    Not a fan of the name either, however if parents like it then it’s all that matters. They look like a beautiful family. And yes, it is normal to still have a belly like this 3 months after delivery. I had that and now, almost a year after, I look almost like before the pregnancy. My belly would be totally flat if not my love for chocolate 😉

  • Anonymous

    I love Emily but I have to say she looks really miserable. Also her belly is still huge, mine was almost gone after 3 months & I didn’t have the money for a personal trainer or to hire a nanny to look after my baby while I went to the gym!

  • Anonymous

    awww Pippa is just adorable!! I think Emily only looks miserable because she’s being followed by the paparazzi and we all know she likes her privacy. If I were her I wouldn’t want to be followed by random guys with cameras, especially if I had a baby with me..

  • ericaltrini

    I think Emily looks great, Pippa adorable, leave Emily and her family alone, she enjoys her family alot, Emily’s stomach is still a bit high, but I don’t think she mine at all, she did say she in no hurry losing the weight, respect her please.

  • suzan

    If she pregnant again?!

  • Anonymous

    I love when babies are named after family. Emily looks great and healthy like any normal woman after the birth. After my son it was within 6wks & after my daughter it took 5mths for my body to lose the weight naturally. We all recover differently and more importantly as a mum I chose to enjoy motherhood and not stress over how my body looks.

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