Ryan Phillipe: Ava Prefers The Beatles Over Justin Bieber

So, apparently, not every 11-year-old girl in the world has teen pop star Justin Bieber at the top of their playlists. One young lady in particular that could do without the Never Say Never singer is Ava Phillipe.

“She’s very anti-Bieber,” dad, Ryan Phillipe, tells E! News.

“She’s into gymnastics and [is an] equestrian,” says Phillipe, who stars in The Lincoln Lawyer. “She’d prefer to listen to the Beatles over Justin Bieber, which I’m kind of proud of.”

She may not be a “Belieber,” but it sounds like Ava’s got some pretty good taste in tunes!

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • skyler

    Finally a little girl who is not a Justin Beiber fan. I don understand why Justin is popular he cant sing nor act.

  • skyler

    Finally a little girl who is not a Justin Beiber fan. I don’t understand why Justin is popular he cant sing nor act.

    • Alma

      Thought exactly the same. Cant understand what can they see/hear in that clown. Its all blown up publicity sponsored by Usher.

      • Anonymous

        Right on!

  • Pau

    I knew this girl had brains. I don’t understand the Bieber Fever either, the guy is an idiot (and i’m sorry if anyone here like him, but that’s what i think)

  • Annie123

    Gosh that girl has longer legs at 11 than I have at 25. Jealous 🙂

  • Lib

    How refreshing! The sooner this Bieber disappears the better!!! x

  • Sarah G.

    GO, AVA!!!

  • Josi

    I hope she has a healthy perspective on body image. She seems to have gotten skinner lately……

    • Anonymous

      Yes, because nothing helps with developing a healthy body image like making comments about a kid’s weight.

  • elle

    Cool kid

  • Camila

    Smart kid! Ava really seems to be so intelligent.

  • Anonymous

    Too funny that Dear Ol Dad dresses just about the same way Bieber does.

  • Julianne

    Hahaha ! I am proud of her too 🙂

  • Sarah34

    I’m proud to say that my nieces are not Belieber fans ether nor are they Miley Cyrust fans thet makes me so happy; they go for the more smart low key people like Keke Palmer and the girl from iCarly Miranda Cosgrove.

    • melo1983


    • Anonymous

      Miranda Cosgrove is no angel and who exactly is Keke Palmer? Never heard of her (must be VERY “low-key”)

  • Anonymous

    Everyone has their opinions about his music, but I for one respect Justin for the work that he has gone through to get to where he is today, and I think he’s more of a role model than say, miley cyrus, britney spears, etc. will ever be. but it is refreshing that ava is interested in the beatles.

  • monna

    everyone is different … i m not justin bieber fan … but i dont hate him too …. he is great i think .. no matter what ….
    from the broken home family … but still he can be successful … justin is smart at school too …
    please never judge someone … God knows the best for everyone … for Bieber .. and also for us ….. ^_^

    • Carrie

      Since when does coming from a broken home = unsuccessful or terrible future. I’m sorry but that boy had no problems that everyone else in the world hasn’t faced, facing, or going to face.

  • Anonymous

    i hate to comment on a childs weight, but i agree she does seem to have gotten thiner. however, taller too so maybe just a growths spirt? i wouldn’t expect her to be very tall cause both reese and ryan are on the shorter side.

    • Anonymous

      No, you didn’t hate to comment on it. If you actually did, you wouldn’t have done it.

      • Anonymous

        I disagree Anonymous @ 11:51am. Just because the person didn’t feel extremely comfortable doing it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

        • Anonymous

          That’s some fantastic reading comprehension you have there. Where did the person say it was “wrong”?

          • Anonymous

            “Wrong” as in, wrong to comment about it. “Wrong” means “not right”. This person insinuated that it was not right/appropriate for the 1st person to comment. Can’t believe I actually have to explain this to you. Is english not your first language?

          • Anonymous

            Yes, but apparently yours isn’t. Or you’re just a moron. The point of the first comment was to point out the lie of the person who claims to “hate” making a comment but goes on to make said comment anyway. Using the qualifier “I hate to say” is a way of trying to disclaim responsibility for making what that person knows is going to be interpreted by others as an unacceptable comment. *I* never made any value judgment about the substance of the comment itself. But I hate when people refuse to own the things they say. If you’re going to make a comment you think will be criticized, then just make it. Don’t try to pretend you’re a nice person if you’re not. And if you can’t handle the anticipated criticism, then you shouldn’t make those comments in the first place.

  • Anonymous – Anonymous

    I’m a grown women so I don’t have beiber fever or whatever they call it but I have seen him perform and seen him in interviews and he seems very good and well spoken (well minus that interview with Rolling Stone about abortion which imo is something you just don’t talk about with teen boys). That being said, I have nephews who like him. But they’re 6 so they’re not quite into him very much they really like Big Time Rush and Victoria Justice.

  • sassygirl45

    Smart young lady, very proud of her.

  • melo1983

    It’s hilarious that everyone is saying she’s “smart” because she isn’t a Bieber fan. And “he cannot sing”, wow have you heard him lately? Sheesh.

  • Dana

    To those of you who are commenting on her weight…um, did none of you go through puberty? I’m sure she is in the midst of a growth spurt. Geesh…lighten up.

  • Anonymous

    um i think thats what the first comment was getting at. people really do like to be critical about every comment just saying “i hate to comment,” had so many responses. also i think they were just acknowledging its not really their style to talk about a childs weight, but since it was already brought up in the post they furthered voiced an opinion.

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