Alicia Silverstone Shows Off Her Bump

Look at that bump!

There was no hiding her growing belly as expectant mom Alicia Silverstone stepped out to run a few errands in Los Angeles, California yesterday (March 11). Though the former Clueless star hasn’t confirmed her due date, it looks like the big day isn’t too far off!

The baby will be the first for the actress/author/activist and her husband Christopher Jarecki.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    She’s not “showing off” anything. You really need to find someone who actually knows how to write accurate, non-obnoxious headlines. Whoever is doing it now is the absolute worst.

    • Anonymous

      ITA!!! “showing off” her bump? GMAB. More like just trying to go about her business whilst some strange man points a camera at her?

  • rachel s.

    I agree, sorry, your headlines really are silly, and often times make any sense. When in doubt, just state the obvious, “Alicia Silverstone Running Errands in LA”

    Anyways, what is up with her attire? This outfit is great around the house, but really, your pregnant, not homeless. I swear, ever since she’s been photographed pregnant she’s been wearing these same sweatpants. And now she’s got a huge stain on her butt.

    • Anonymous

      That’s how people in LA dress. It’s much more casual than other places. And those Free City sweatpants cost almost $150. (I’m not saying it looks good – just providing an explanation.)

    • Anonymous

      Amen, Rachel & Anonymous!!!! These headlines are without question lame, silly and sometimes even wholly inappropriate & insulting (to the readers too). Thanks for pointing this out.

  • rachel s.

    opps, no stain, must be seeing things.

  • Cathy

    If she looks like this before the baby is born, imagine what she’ll look like after she’s been nursing for 20 days!

    • Anonymous

      And imagine what kind of pathetic headline we’ll be subjected to if and when she’s photographed and featured on this site.

  • Anonymous

    Yikes! She looks like trailer trash in these pics. I get the casual look, but this is ridiculous!

  • Evana

    I get roughly 90 bucks a month and I can afford a bra, jeans and a nice top. God she looks horrible!

  • Anonymous

    She really has let herself go. Not an ounce of class

  • Anonymous

    She looks like she just came from a yoga class.I think she looks just fine.

  • suzan

    You are all silly!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry but its true!!!
    What the heck?? whats wrong with that headline?!??!!?!!??! this is a celebrity baby gossip website, and headlines like ‘showing off her baby bump’ doesnt seem wrong in any way. Its not a general celebrity gossip where they write ‘running errands, or going to the gym’ like it or not here it goes:

    Celebrity baby scoop keep doing what you are doing. People will always criticize. Thanks for posting news about celebrity BUMPS AND PREGNANCIES!

  • suzan

    forgot to add:

    Alicia, please wear something clean and appropriate. Not good at all. I dont care if you look comfortable, to me that looks nasty.

  • sammi

    she looks fine.

    maybe she isn’t feeling well? isn’t sleeping well? has the ‘oh my god there is actually going to be a real life baby in a few weeks” blues? maybe she hates shopping for clothes and has decided to just make do for the last month?

    sheesh. tough crowd

  • Anonymous

    She really should wear a bra, she looks pretty bad. Common you having a baby, not a last stage cancer treatment. What a mess.

    • Anonymous

      …”not a last stage cancer treatment”…
      You are a tasteless yuck, God! people like you shoudn’t be allowed to have the internet.

  • lilkunta

    All you criticising AS are wrong. She doesnt have to get dressed up every time she goes out.

  • Anonymous

    Putting on clothes that doesn’t look like you rolled out of bed is not dressed up.

  • Anonymous

    Ya’ll will find anything to nitpick at. She looks fine and she is showing off a bump! If your upset with the headlines simply ignore them or better yet apply for the job to write the articles. Geez!

  • FrankiePhe

    Leave her alone you hags! If that makes her feel comfy, good for her. She doesn’t have to dress up for paps. I think she looks lovely and relaxed and normal. Its Victoria Beckham who has issues….

    • Anonymous


  • Розана

    Неплохая статейка

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