Ellen Pompeo’s Caring Cause

Grey’s Anatomy star, Ellen Pompeo, is on a mission to put ‘Every Little Bottom’ in diapers.

In an interview with Lil Sugar, the actress and mom of 1-year-old Stella Ivery opened up about the issue of diaper need in America, the concept of “having it all,” and the moment you know you’re a mother (“when you get excited about poop!”).

I do think it’s possible to have it all,” Pompeo told the website. “However, I don’t believe the definition of having it all means the same thing to everyone. Just because someone chooses not to have children doesn’t mean she doesn’t have it all. ‘Having it all’ to me means being fulfilled and that should be determined by the individual not society.

“As far as managing goes. That’s always a tricky question for me because I would seem a little out of touch if I didn’t acknowledge the fact that I have a great job and am very lucky to be able to afford a little help,” she added.

Another thing that helps Ellen is adhering to a super-strict schedule, planning everything around Stella’s meals and nap times, and spending a couple of days out of the week prepping food to keep on hand in the fridge, allowing her more time to spend with her family and helping out her new cause, the Huggies Every Little Bottom campaign.

“When Huggies first approached me about becoming involved in Every Little Bottom, I was personally shocked to learn that one in three American moms struggles to provide enough diapers for their babies,” said Ellen. “This issue of diaper need has been largely unrecognized until now.”

Through its partnership with the NHL, Huggies is helping local social service agencies throughout the country provide diapers for moms and babies in need.

How can you get involved? Visit the Huggies website to find out!

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Annefan

    Amazing and gorgeous woman !!

  • Anonymous

    Although she acknowledges having “help” with childcare, she is obviously very hands-on and involved as far as her daughter’s upbringing is concerned. She could give lessons to others….but I’ll stop there.

  • Ali

    Isn’t her baby’s name Stella Luna? Where did Ivery come from? Or am I thinking of someone else? lol

    • Ali

      Haha, nevermind. I had a blonde moment there…Ivery is her last name!

  • Brandi

    Ivery is her last name.

  • Sam

    She’s amazing!! Love her.

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