Heidi Klum Cuddles Her Cutie

So sweet! Model mom Heidi Klum cuddled her 1-year-old daughter Lou outside of Vicente Foods in Brentwood, Calif. on Saturday (March 12). Heidi’s older children – Leni, 6 1/2, Henry, 5, and Johan, 4 – were also with the affectionate duo.

Later that same day, Heidi took the boys to karate and dropped Leni off at her ballet class. Just another busy day for the Samuel clan!

The mom-of-four recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her funny kids.

My kids are so funny! They are definitely their own people. I just shaved Henry’s head because he wants to look like Daddy and Kobe Bryant. He is really his own little creature- I loved his blond-tipped hair but he wanted it off. So Daddy video tapped it while I cut it really short and then I got the clippers out and buzzed it off! He loves and Leni thought it was absolutely hilarious. However, Johan loves his long hair and thought he was nuts! It’s in a Ziploc bag now. That was such a fun family night- there’s never a boring moment at our house!”

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  1. Anonymous

    woah they shaved Henry’s hair! I hope they didn’t cut Johan’s…

  2. Josi

    Beautiful family. I love getting glimpses of them!

  3. Lioness

    Glad to see Henry’s hair so short, he needed a change. But Johan looks soooo naked and different without his locks! Still cute, of course, but I definitely miss the hair.

  4. Anonymous

    Henry’s hair looks so much better. It looked like a rat’s nest the other way. Now you can finally see a handsome boy.

  5. Anonymous

    Wow! Are they going to do something with Lou’s unruly hair?!?!

  6. Anonymous

    She has a head band on like any other little girl. What do you suggest they do with her hair? You people are ridiculous, sheesh!

  7. Anonymous

    woooooooooooooooooooow my lou is so beutiful .i love her and this family . lou is cutest kid of klum – samuel kids . what do you think?

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