Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

Suri carries a Dolce & Gabbana Mini Miss Sicily Handbag – $1700

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  • Anonymous

    WTF? As much as this doesn’t surprise me this is ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    i think is a wate of money just for a handbag. i never had such a expensive things and i was the happiest kid alive.

  • AnnieMouse

    What are the odds that it’s just one of Katie’s cast-offs? I know my daughter plays with my old purses when I’m done carrying them…if I had more money than God, I’ll bet she’d carry my old Dolces, Chanels, and Louis Vs too!

  • Anonymous

    Disgusting thing! (the bag). The 1700 dollar is the price you pay for such for bad taste! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope that D&G gave them this bag. Suri with one cost less than any advertisment than they could ever hope for.

    • louise

      let’s hope they had to pay this ridiculous amount of money 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you all realize that your comments (negative or not) are what they are looking for? The more hits, the more cash for the site.

  • Anonymous

    kid would have a 1,000 $ person.
    but to each is own.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    it looks like it isn’t even her carrying it actually. her little butterfly clutch – the pink one – is totally age appropriate. i think it is the adults d&g purse and that suri is just holding the adult’s hand?

  • Melania

    It’s the adult’s bag, not Suri’s.

  • Anonymous

    Probably the nanny’s bag. Maybe a gift from Suri, HA!

  • lmichelle

    Why are people always so upset with what rich people give their kids? Is it jealousy? Your kids want to fit in with their peers and hers are rich. Just worry about your own family. Suri is a little knockout! She always has been a beauty.

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