Jenna Jameson & Tito Ortiz’s Birthday Boys

What a party! Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz threw a huge bash this weekend to mark their twin sons’ Jesse and Journey‘s second birthdays.

The couple went all out for their boys’ big day, celebrating with a bouncy castle and slide, balloon animals, tons of toys – and of course a Sesame Street-themed cake. Though a neighbor’s noise complaint resulted in a brief visit by the police, Jesse and Journey looked like they had a great day.

The boys may only be turning 2, but it seems their mom has already given some thought to their future careers.

“First they’ve got to get their master’s degree. Then if they want to fight, 100% yes,” Jenna recently said (their dad Tito is a UFC fighter). But she added, “I want doctors.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. shorty

    Looks like a wonderful party! LOL at the neighbors. If I lived in Huntington Beach, Jenna and Tito could camp in my back-yard and I’d welcome it! Jenna looks beautiful and stylish, and the twins are adorable!

  2. melo1983

    Oh my gosh I looove the longer-haired twins’ hair!!! Gorgeous.

  3. Anonymous

    OH wow the one the with long curly hair looks exactly like her!!! So cute.

  4. Anonymous

    how cute are they? LOVE the long hair as well!

  5. Anonymous.

    love the long hair and the outfits…jus becoz they are boys doesnt mean they have to be dressed in dull boring colours…too cute

  6. Anonymous

    I think their long hair looks stupid.

  7. Allison

    Those curls!!! So cute! I love the longer haired ones. I cant stop “awww”ing over them!!

  8. Anonymous

    This must be the new thing in Hollywood – have boys and try to make them look like girls. I don’t mind longer hair but not to the point where you can’t tell if they’re a boy or girl.

  9. Jennifer

    That baby has barrettes in his hair!!!! I am surprised a “fighter” would accept long hair with barrettes for his son!!! I know the men in my family would never go for this! Take a picture, and cut that hair!!!!

  10. AnnieMouse

    The long haired boy is beyond beautiful, but I am so so hating his hair. I’d cut it, but to each their own! I just hope they’re as happy a family as they look that they are!

  11. Yours family look so sweet!!!! Jesse and Journeys birthday party all pictures are so wonderful. Thanks share for this picture.

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