Rachel Zoe & Rodger Berman Are Strollin’ In Style

Super celeb stylist and mom-to-be Rachel Zoe and hubby Rodger Berman were spotted out for a leisurely stroll today (March 14) in Beverly Hills.

Zoe, now 9-months pregnant, is of course still looking as fabulous as ever in her trademark Bohemian chic style and a pair of “do-not-disturb oversized sunnies,” which she says are a maternity must-have to hide fatigue.

Rachel’s other necessities for the expecting mom?

Leggings and flowy blouses (check and check).


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Photo credit: Fame

  • tif

    Is she actually highlighting her ribcage? like with makeup? Im amazed she could look that thin and carry a baby to full term. Don’t know if the word “congratulations” is appropriate tho. Hope the delivery goes ok.

    • Anonymous

      What’s even more amazing is that she was able to get pregnant in the first place. The odds are stacked against you when you are 40+, but with such a low body weight, it’s even more difficult to conceive.

  • LeeLee

    Congrats to the parents to be.
    On a sidenote, does she “style” her husband?

    • Angela

      Ha, I was wondering the same thing!

  • Anonymous

    Hubby needs a new hairdo, the bowl cut is not working for him.

  • Janna

    Somebody PLEEEEASE explain to me how this is fabulous and/or chic?!?!? And I must have been born in the wrong era, because those boots are Just. Plain. Hideous.

    • Anonymous

      Janna, you rock and you are a mindreader to boot!! Every time you post something, you always beat me to the punch and echo my sentiments 100%. I like your sarcastic sense of humour and the fact that you aren’t afraid to express your opinion. Keep it up, the site needs more people like you.

  • Courtney

    um Rachel isn’t 40+ she’s 39 and having a child at 39 or older isn’t a new phenomenon Patricia Neal had her youngest at 39 in 1965. granted Rachel isn’t a star she only dresses b-listers for a living and Ms Neal was/is an iconic star. some people can’t help their body type and others chose a physique like Ms Zoe’s on purpose

  • Anonymous

    If you say so, Courtney.

  • Jessie

    I am happy for them, I hope everything is okay and they bring home a healthy baby. I feel bad saying this but I also noticed her ribs in the picture right away. I also thought, how is she so thin and carrying a pregnancy to term? You don’t see the rib cage of a 9 mths plus pregnant woman very often.

    • Anonymous

      Jessie, don’t feel bad, you are just pointing out the obvious. It’s sad, really. She’s done so much damage to her own body (if you think the outside is the extent of it, think again — a lot of internal damage too) I hope the baby is healthy.

  • Kate

    I think she looks awful…

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