Update: Bryan Adams To Be A Dad!

Update: Bryan Adams, 51, has confirmed that he’s set to be a first-time dad! The legendary Canadian rockstar took to Twitter to confirm he is expecting his first child with Alicia Grimaldi. Congratulations to them!

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Canadian rocker Bryan Adams is set to be a first-time father at the age of 51, The Telegraph reports.

The Summer Of ’69 singer has allegedly been in a relationship with his personal assistant, Alicia Grimaldi, and they are reportedly expecting a baby together in May.

A source says, “Bryan’s personal assistant, Alicia Grimaldi, is expecting his baby in May. Many of their friends still don’t even know that they are a couple, but they are living together at his house.”

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  • klutzy_girl

    I’m over here in shock that he allegedly had an affair with Princess Di.

    But congratulations if this is true!

  • Anonymous

    He confirmed internally to his fans in his fanclub that indeed he and Alicia Grimaldi are expecting in May.

    • Anonymous

      The most shocking news here is that Bryan Adams still has a fan club.

      • A

        Aww, cold! I still enjoy his music. I thought he was like 35 or 40.

  • Jessica Williams

    i think he’s too old to be honest… he even looks older than he is. was he/is he ill?

  • Theresa

    hey if elton john can do it at how old? then why not brain! at 51 he isn’t all that old by today’s standards especially with woman having children 45 and older….

  • Anonymous

    Is a woman having a child at 45 right? That seems too old to me

    • Anonymous

      My mother had my brother and sister in her twenties and me at 45. She says it’s one of the greatest blessings of her life. It worked out nicely for me too.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldnt brag about the princess do thing and how did he get to 51 without 1 kid is he gay? Was he? Good luck to him

  • Emma Greenwood

    Hi Bryan Adams this is my email address greenwood_emma2@sky.com please can you lots of love from Emma

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