FOX’s John Roberts & CNN’s Kyra Phillips Welcome Twins: Sage & Kellan!

FOX News Senior National Correspondent John Roberts, 54, and his fiancée CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips, 42, welcomed fraternal twins just after midnight on Tuesday (March 15) their rep tells Celebrity Baby Scoop exclusively.

Roberts said they are “true twins,” both weighing 5 lb 15 oz and measuring in at 18 1/2. Daughter Sage Ann arrived first at 12:03 a.m., and son Kellan Clay followed shortly thereafter at 12:05 a.m.

The happy couple said they were “very excited about new additions to their family.”

Congratulations to them!

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Photo credit: Courtesy of John Roberts, Fox News Channel


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  1. Anonymous

    They are both great news people. I like Kyra and she worked almost to the end of her pregnancy! Best wishes to both of them! The babies are adorable and one of each!!!!!!

    • joyce

      So happy for you both. Seconds chances come to few. I live in Barrie and every moring I would have my breakfast and watch your show..
      My husband of 40 years adopted my 3 children and we had one.He passed away in 1997 and then my son of 45 died too ,2001 . then my daughter , last March. But , oh those precious years of my second chance. Be happy , you two. Love fom an 80 year old lady.

  2. Anonymous

    Now its not just hollywood celebrities having kids before marriage – news anchors too! What is the hold up with these two?

    • Anonymous

      Why do you care? Does it affect you in some way?

    • Anonymous

      Maybe because not everyone believes in marriage?

      Maybe because they won’t get married until everyone in America, including same-sex couples, can get married?

      Maybe because they know that having a child (or children) together is so much more of a commitment than marriage could ever hope to be.

      Maybe because they don’t feel the need to validate their commitment to each other just to make other people happy?

  3. Larry Wayne Brown

    Congrats John and Kyra!
    Now the fun begins….
    A Fan of both of you

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