James Cracknell Can’t Be Left Alone With His Children

It’s been a rough road for James Cracknell since his July 2010 accident which has left him unable to be left alone with his two children – Croyde, 7, and Kiki, 2.

The Olympic rower/TV star, who was knocked off his bike by a truck while filming a show for the Discovery channel, has opened up about the impact that his injuries – including a fractured skull, bleeding and swelling on the brain – have had on his life and his relationship with wife Beverly Turner.

Since the devastating incident, James now suffers from issues with his concentration, memory and controlling his temper.

“I feel a bit useless. I can’t help out,” says the 38-year-old gold medalist, who has been advised not to be alone with his children, in case he should accidentally put them in danger.

James and his wife, who are currently expecting their third child, have also seen the affects of his accident on their relationship.

I regret that the injury has had such an impact on everyone. Bev and I talk about nothing else, which takes the fun out of our relationship. It must be so hard for her.

“I would say that if we didn’t have kids we would have broken up,” admits James. “Aside from the fact that Bev is upset by the changes she sees in me, which I can’t see in myself, my condition is constantly on our minds.”

“You can never get away from it, and that’s been really hard.”

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  • Anonymous

    My dad sustained a brain injury when I was little, so I understand how the family dynamics are completely changed. Everyone suffers in this situation. Prayers for their continued healing and ability to cope with this devastating injury.

  • Anonymous

    My prayers go out to him and his family. It is inevitable that any medical injury will alter family dynamics. I have the deepest respect and admiration for those who stick together through sickness and health.

  • Ondine

    I sympathize w/ him and his entire family, knowing how devastating any serious injury can be. Yes I’m sure his wife is carrying a tremendous burden caring for him and their children. It is not smart to over work and overwhelm the family work horse. I pray this family does not crumble under the incredibly heavy weight his wife is bearing. The Gods smiled on him from Mount Olympus, I only hope they smile on her and give her the strength she needs to carry on.

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