Tina Fey: “Kids Are Definitely The Boss Of You”

30 Rock star Tina Fey is on the cover of the April issue of InStyle! In the magazine (on newsstands Friday, March 18), the seven-time Emmy award-winning actress explains why it’s clear that kids are really the ones in charge, and how she’s recently been able to relate to another celeb mom, Gwyneth Paltrow.

“Any time you talk about being a working mother and you complain about it in any way, people eat your face,” says Fey.

I remember reading some interview where Gwyneth Paltrow said something like, ‘I missed my kids on the set one day and I was crying.’ And I thought, ‘Yeah, I’ve totally done that.

“But on the website where I read it there were these furious comments. ‘But you’re a movie star!’ Yes, it’s much worse for a mom serving in Afghanistan. Of course. But there’s just no forgiveness,” says Tina.

As the one calling the shots on the set of 30 Rock, Fey admits that it’s helpful to be able to bring her 5-year-old daughter, Alice, to work where she enjoys playing with actor Jack McBrayer (who wouldn’t?). But there has been one minor problem…

“She’s figured out that it’s funny to show people your butt,” says the Bossypants author.

And when it comes to calling the shots at home, Tina reveals that her household is no different than any other home with small children.

“Kids are definitely the boss of you,” says Fey. “Anyone who will barge into the room while you are on the commode is the boss of you. And when you explain to them that you’re on the commode and that they should leave but they don’t? That’s a high-level boss.”

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  1. Anon

    Wow that looks NOTHING like Tina!

  2. Mel

    I love Tina Fey but sorry that’s I ridiculous and irresponsible statement. If your kids are ‘the boss of you’ then you need to review your parenting. If more parents took control of their children the world would be a better place.

    • Janna

      Oh relax, 99% of the time Tina Fey is trying to be funny.

      And besides that, she’s right. Kids take up so much of your life and have so much control about what you do and don’t do, that it IS practically like having them be the boss. She wasn’t implying that you have to let them do whatever they want. Get a sense of humor

    • Anonymous

      Simmer down, people. Tina Fey is a comedian, not a parenting expert. I am sure she was just being funny.

  3. Anonymous

    I agree with what your saying but I don’t think that’s what she meant

  4. cameron

    i read an interview with tina once where she described her working day and OUCH she really spends NO TIME AT ALL with her daughter. so, although i find her v amusing and talented…. i think, as a mother, she is probably pretty average. thus the endless “mommy guilt” interviews.

    gwyneth, while annoying and needy, is prob a pretty good mum imo.

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