Another ‘Teen Mom’ Baby On The Way!

There’s another baby on the way for one of the teens on the reality TV show Teen Mom 2. Megan Nelson, 18, who has appeared on the show as best friend and former roommate to star Chelsea Houska, is pregnant and expecting a son on July 7, Life & Style reports.

Megan witnessed her best friend Chelsea, 19, struggle with teen pregnancy. But now Megan, who’s expecting with her boyfriend of four months, is sharing her journey on Facebook and Twitter. “I’ve always wanted a boy first,” Megan wrote.

MTV says she will not become a series regular and friend Danielle Jamie agrees. “Megan does not want to be on Teen Mom or any other reality TV show,” Danielle says. “She wants the baby to live a normal life. She’s nervous and excited about being a mother. Chelsea was shocked — but she’s excited for Megan too.”

Chelsea, mom to 18-month-old Aubree, had hoped her appearances on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 would help warn her friend, but Megan is now the third of Chelsea’s friends to become a teen mother. “Having a baby is really life changing,” says Chelsea, who talks about the importance of birth control. “Wait till you’re married and have a stable career to bring a baby into the mix.”

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  1. Gina

    amazed that you put this on your website.

  2. Kate

    This is sad. That show is a train wreck.

    • Janna

      Actually, the show does a pretty decent job of showing what it’s like to be a teen mom, whether the guy sticks around or not, whether you have your family’s support or not.

      The only problem is that it probably ENCOURAGES a certain subset of teens to get pregnant, so that they can have a chance at “celebrity” too. That’s unfortunate, but there are girls who would do anything to be famous or be near someone famous.

  3. Anonymous

    So she got pregnant 5 months ago and has been seeing her boyfriend for 4 months? None of my business but a DNA test might be a good idea.

  4. Tara

    I agree with Gina and Kate. Way to go CBS- glorifying teen pregnancy by giving her exposure. What the heck has happened to our world. Its tough enough teaching your kids to do the right thing, but with magazines, websites and television shows glamorizing shows like teen mom, jersey shore etc, I worry it’s a losing battle.

    Usually like this sites variety of stories but this is really a bad message to send.

  5. P!nk

    I totally agree with Tara – nobody has any morals anymore.

  6. Anonymous

    Hey, I have a great idea. How about keeping your legs closed?

  7. Anonymous

    Pretty loose definition you have here for “celebrity.” These girls are only famous *because* they got pregnant as teenagers. I thought this site was supposed to about people who *already* celebrities *before* they have kids.

  8. Anonymous

    last time I checked 18 is an adult, lay off

    • Tina

      18 may be chronologically an “adult”. But come on, the majority of 18 year olds, do not have the experience nor the financial stability to raise a child. Hell, most 25 yr olds do not. But the difference is that a 25 yr old has lived a bit more and perhaps has a college degree and can afford to raise the child responsibly. These teen moms are a burden on the system and our tax dollars go to support their irresponsible behavior.

      • Anonymous

        Having a baby isn’t brain surgery.

        I’m 34 and personally know quite a few 25 year olds who are just as prepared as I was at 32 to have a baby. I don’t think anyone is every fully ready for parenthood, but to say that most 25 yr olds have neither the experience nor the financial stability to raise a child is just foolish.

        I mean… it’s a child. YOUR child. 18, 25, 32, 40… you figure it out. I’m getting tired of seeing the number of internet commentators who perpetuate the myth that parenthood should be reserved for those 30 and over.

        She’s an adult. As long as she can financially support and unconditionally love her child, she’s going to be a good parent.

      • Anonymous

        im 19 with a 11 month old son and im not on the tax system and im with my sons dad, so i dont think all teen mums are a burden

  9. Anonymous

    I believe there is no reason to get all in a tizzy at CBS. Yes they posted this, but its MTV who has actually (and I will say this) “made them stars”. And sadly, this is what is happening in this day and age. She is in fact 18 which makes her a “legal adult”. It is her life and people do follow it. CBS is doing their job because some people maybe not all of us follow her life.

  10. rachel s

    I think she must have had baby on the brain when living with Chelsea. She’s certainly packed on the pounds, and she’s only halfway there.

  11. L

    I get that the show had a great goal: prevent teen pregnancy. But MTV should’ve known that nawadays some teens are just so dumb that they could do anything to be famous or get some attention !
    The show really is about how difficult to be a very young mom but when all the magazines talking about these young women, put them on their cover almost weekly, and when we see teen moms with Bristol Palin being treated like stars, it sure doesn’t encourage teen to keep their legs closed.
    “Celebrity” sites who talk about them as if they were movie stars doesn’t prevent teen pregnancy either.
    If everyone stopped giving these poor girls all of this attention, maybe someday the show will reach its goal.

  12. JennG

    This is nothing to be proud of,they should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Janna

      Why should she be ashamed?

      Because she got pregnant before she got married? Did you post the same thing when Natalie Portman announced she was pregnant? Or Halle Berry? Or Kate Hudson? Or Padma Lakshmi?

      Or should she be ashamed because she’s 18? Did you feel the same when it was Jamie Lynn Spears? Solange Knowles? Charlotte Church? Nikki Taylor?

      • Tara

        Janna I usually agree with all your posts. But this is a tad different. MTV has come out and stated that the first teen mom, Amber(?) made over $250,000 from her appearance on the show last year. They paid her $9000 an episode and provide her medical care and housing costs. Then she received speaking and magazine fees. It sends a very bad message to these girls who are less mature than say the 40 year old Halle Berry and 37 year old Padma. I agree having a child out of wedlock is not an ideal message. but those you quoted were older or at least had established themselves before having a child. They were famous from a talent rather than just being pregnant.

        It’s a bad message regardless.

  13. Sage

    Teen pregnancy has become completely glorified in the media and it’s absolutely disgusting.

    People like to say, Teens learn from this but it’s absolutely not true! They don’t think very wisely at this age when it comes to sex and consequences and all they see is how the media portrays teen moms and their babies and how they land on cover of magazines and get tv shows!!!

    I do watch teen mom. I’m not a teen though. And I used to think it was a good message to show real teens what it’s like but it doesn’t.

  14. Anonymous

    MTV is laughing all the way to the bank. Teen Mom is about 80% staged. The moms are real, the situations are real, but the whole drama that unfolds one after the other is completely staged.
    Like last night for instance. Notice how Leah never changed her clothes the whole weekend they were supposedly having a bachelorette party?? I get you come home late you wake up don’t shower leave the same clothes on but even later that day a visit with mom she still had the same clothes on, later that night, same clothes! Get my point! They pretty much probably film in a span of 1 or 2 days for each episode. Just like when Jennelle mentions she took the credit cards next thing you see is psycho mom going in her wallet looking for the credit cards. Get it…staged!!! So nobody should buy into any of it. It’s a show that’s it. And MTV is singing the praises of these teen moms for making them millions! The magazines are no better for trying to sell this stuff to the media. I think MTV started off with good intentions with the 16 and pregnant episodes and then it just took off into an unnecessary frenzy. IDK just my opinion but it would be nice to see them pull back a bit but unfortunately it’s one of their highest rated shows so you know that’s never gonna happen.

    Maybe insteand of shows like this they should implement those baby dolls like my school had that you had to take home for a weekend. Stop spending tax dollars on other things and put in some sex education. Of course teens are going to have sex but they need to really truly get it. Make them take home a baby for a grade we even had a real daycare in our highschool that we had as a course called Parenting 101. Let me tell you a real eye opener and when I graduated out of 250 students only 1 ended up pregnant!

  15. Anonymous

    Please do not promote these people.

  16. sorry cbs but i agree

    this girl is not a celebrity. she does not belong on this website. that you have included her sends a terrible (mixed) message on the issue of teen pregnancy.

  17. Anonymous

    I agree remove it! She’s not a celebrity none of them are!

  18. Anonymous

    Parents need to step up and talk to their own children about sex and contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. Explain to their teens that having a kid at a young age is a burden. Live your single life 1st then your family life. Concorde your children with love not lust

  19. Anonymous

    These girls are ridiculous. I cannot believe how lightly they take having a baby – especially with someone she’s only know for a month.

  20. Anonymous

    These girls are on the cover and in the pages of all the majors magazines why should CBS exclude them? It’s news in the celebrity/reality star world.

  21. Anonymous

    This has to do with how you are raised. The US parents always trying to find someone to blame but themselves. Give ur children true values and self respect! I think this show shows how hard life is being a teen mom.

  22. Anonymous

    Honestly, people just need to leave these girls alone. No, it is not a desirable situation to be in at the age of 18, let alone 16, for the girls on the show. What’s most important is the fact that she is taking responsiblity for her actions and plans on taking care of and loving this baby to the best of her ability.

    Don’t say she got pregnant because her friends have children, things happen, and you have to accept them and make the best out of it. These girls need all the support they can get, do not be negative toward someone who is just appreciating the wonderful gift she was given!

  23. Anonymous

    um for the person who thinks just because you are 18 that makes you an adult wrong… yes you are legally an adult to the world but really you can so you are an adult until you reall experience an adult like world. meaning have a JOB, living on your own, paying your own bills (not daddy paying for a house you live in), just being on your own not have any assitance, just you doing what you have to do for yourself or your child if you have one>>> im just saying!!!!

  24. Anonymous

    I am also pretty disgusted that you would post this as a story on your webite. It is bad enough that shes 18 and pregnant and its even worse that she was dumb enough to not use protection after seeing the disaster her friend goes through! 4 months! really?? Are they going to document her single mom life too? These girls are so stupid and misinformed. Im sure she see’s her friend making bank on this show and figures hey they might pay me too! Idiots!

  25. Anonymous

    I wonder why i went to grad school in the first place….

  26. Noey

    “Keep your legs closed”? How about the people who were sexually active who did everything they could to prevent pregnancy, and yet still got pregnant? Yeah, it was just MEANT to be. I was 16 and with my boyfriend for 2 years, used birth control religiously AND condoms, yet STILL got pregnant. The SAME thing happened to the rest of my friends who got pregnant. Granted, there are a handful of girls who don’t try to prevent pregnancy, but you don’t have to down EVERY teen mother. I’m 17 years old with a gorgeous baby girl who is 3 months old. Both of my parents are dead, and so are my fiance’s. We take care of her ON OUR OWN. We’re BOTH full time students (I’m working on my LPN) and I work full time, he just recently enlisted into the Marines. There ARE successful Teen mothers and there is absolutely NO reason to be rude to all teen mothers. Thanks.

  27. Anonymous

    You all are crazy.. Teenage parenting is no different than a 25-30 year old having a baby.. Hell now days, the 16, 17, 18 year old mothers are better mothers than half of the 30 something year olds. Age does not define how good of a parent your are. There are teenage parents that step up and take care of their responsibilities and there are teen parents that leave the responsibilities to their parents. It is not up to you or anyone else to judge these girls or their families. Hell half of you are probably worse parents than half of the girls on 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom. The one’s that sit behind the computer screen and judge these girls are the ones that are doing wrong by their own children or done wrong by their children. Yea, these girls let millions of people inside their lives to make a statement. Not to glorify teen pregnancy, but to show the ups and downs of the teen pregnancy. I think 99% of you need to get a life and quit worrying about these girls and worry about you and your own families before it’s yoru 16 year old that ends up knocked up or knocking someone up…

  28. Anonymous

    Imean iwould say yal mind ur own bussiness, dsnt matter how old u are a baby always a blessing, im 17 ,6months pregnat expecting a baby girl..

    • Anonymous

      I can safely say if you cannot spell pregnant you shouldn’t decide to have a baby. Looks like you should be sent back to first grade for all the grammatical errors. But more power to you for choosing to have a child at your age. I know I couldn’t have finished high school or college with a child

  29. lynzi

    I’m not saying that being a teen mom should be glorified but in all fairness every situation is different. I had my daughter when I was 15, had twins at 17, and another son at 22. Its hard but not impossible! I do not receive any kind of government aid, and my kids father left almost four years ago. I do it alone, but it gets done! Stuff happens, life is trial and error, you live and learn, and do the best you can!

  30. Anonymous

    Some of you guys should take the time out to realize that there are some teen moms out there that aren’t using not one bit of the governments money and that are doing well raising their kids! Keep in mind that you have to be 18 to get a welfare check or foodstamps and 22 if you still live with your parents! What you see on the show itsn’t every teen moms story! I’m a teen mom and I am doing very well with raising my son! When I look at other parents that are older than me most of the time I’m doing better than they are. My child is definitely spoiled rotten! We have absolutely no financial problems and the government is not what is supporting him! His dad and I are still together and we both love our child very much! So before you go judging teen moms keep in mind that you don’t know every teen mom!! Stop stereotyping it’s wrong and it makes peopld feel bad!!

  31. Kaeleigh

    Ok first it’s really mean to judge teen moms you don’t kno their story and its not bad to have kids at 17 or 18 it’s like if a teen has a baby this age they are makin diseases and u dnt wanna catch it Ik a lot of you ppl that have judged got pregnant at that age and you have no room to talk why don’t you try knowing them before openin your mouth !!!

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