Jennifer Lopez Takes The Twins To Work

Proud mom alert! Jennifer Lopez posed with her adorable 3-year-old twins – Max and Emme – on the Los Angeles set of American Idol Wednesday (March 16).

“[It’s] take your twins to work day at IDOL,” J.Lo Twittered on Thursday.

J.Lo tells Us her little girl might be a future American Idol.

“It’s funny when you listen to her, because…she sings out of pure joy and pleasure,” Jenny from the block said of Emme. “The minute she thinks you’re watching her, she stops. But she has a beautiful little voice, almost like a little Shirley Temple vibrato type thing.”

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Photo credit: Twitter

  • Erica1

    All I can say is that she talk about other celeb’s parading their kids around and she put her kids in a worldwide Ad which is forgivable because it was for charity but then her kids appeared in her Venus Pro- Skin commercial with her now they’re on her TV show; now when I think of this 1 word comes to mind hypocrite.

    • Anonymous

      Just like any other human being, famous or not, we all say things that will come back and bite us in the …… The twins are precious and appear to be very well mannered. Might be spoiled at home, but polite in the limelight. Aren’t we all??? I would rather watch Jennifer chase after her own children than other child actors.We complain when stars hide their children, than whine when they do show them to the public.

  • Anonymous

    Twins are so J. Lo’s mini-mes! Spitting image! Wow!

  • anonymous

    They look much more like MARK MINI MEs than J-LO mini mes…

  • P!nk

    They DON’T look like Mark. Emme is the spitting image of her mother and Max is maybe a mixture. Cute kids.

    • callin’ it

      They DOOOOO look *like* Mark. You just don’t want to admit it ’cause you know that’s tragic. The kids are average-looking at best, with a little bit of Mark Anthony ugly thrown it.
      J-Lo: the epitome of an uneducated, talentless, new-money example of shallow American celebrity. Shameful fame-ho. Comparing her kid to Shirley Temple – priceless.

      • The Truth

        @ callin it …..You are entitled to your nasty comment! I just put your name in the spots you put JLo and Marc’s. callin it the epitome of an uneducated, no respect of another person, don’t care if you have money or not you have no class! And you have many others who think like you about everyone that they don’t like! Keeping using your right to your negative opinions! I will keep my right to disagree with you!

  • Anonymous

    Please look again at the Venus commercial because those kids are definately not her children.

    So of course that photo is just another publicity photo to make the public believe she’s an attentive mother. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had the nanny bring them to the American Idol studio just for that photo-op to get it circulated around the internet, which it is.

  • The Truth

    LOL at you haters! JLo gets to have herself and darling children capture in photos that are viewed around the world! She loves her children, it shows in them and in all the photos of them together! People who write negative comments are just jealous that she and her children have many fans!

  • Sarah34

    Those are her kids in the Venus commercial.

    The Truth@ Why would people be jealous that she and her children have many fans a lot of other celebrities and their kids have many fans it’s really not a big deal and nothing to be jealous .

    • The Truth

      Other celebrities and their kids are not the ones writing negative comments about anyone they do not like. It’s Just the general public of me and you! Jealous because when your opinions are nasty about the life of another person and children. It is a big deal when you look at a photo or read whatever is written and you allow that to influence your opinion and your opinion of how another individual is living their life, and you actually write negative stuff. Why would you share how ugly you think a child looks, because the child looks are inherited? I just wish people would look at photos and stop trying to pick whose the best parents, and whose kids will succeed and whose want! I bet people do that about their friends and family at home….just pure poison!

  • Bella

    Who cares what she does with her kids! There her kids! She can make money off of them if she wants or prance them around. There are tons of babies in magazines all the time I don’t hear anyone complaining about all the other children “pimped” out!!

    • The Truth

      I so agree with your comments! Thank You!

  • Anonymous

    Bella@ The point some of the poster are making is that Jen was bad mouthing other celebrity by saying they parade their kids around and how she would never do that but her kids end up getting the most exposure by her own doing with TV and magazine Ad’s. Point being she should have kept her mouth shut so she would not look like a hypocrite later.

    • The Truth

      You do make a valid point. JLo is eating crow! My spin on it, is that she is using her “take your kids to work” and or she learns that the darlings need to help earn their keep! LOL.

  • imighnano

    strange feeling. that live here alone bots

  • Anonymous

    Her daughter is so unattractive and skull looking.

    • Anonymous

      I have to agree. Same for the son.

  • Anonymous

    What a happy family. Poor kids look like Mark Anthony

  • Victoria

    I hope no one batches me for this but I will say yes when they were born, they were not cute babies. That’s not me being jealous because I know that though I wasn’t unfortunate looking as a baby I’m sure their were cuter ones. But I think they’ve grown into their looks. They have JLo’s coloring, and yes if you have to be blind if you don’t see Marc Anthony in them, especially in Emi, because she has his face shape to a T and they both have his eyes.

    I do want to add that someone not agreeing with your POV is not them being jealous, though no they shouldn’t be just outright mean.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why some of you would call these kids ugly! Just because they weren’t born with blond hair and blue eyes doesn’t mean that any of you have the right to say ugly things about them. I’m sure if any of you saw some scrappy looking kid out on the streets, many of you would give him/her the cold shoulder! Now I know why people nowadays are the way the are, because of ignorant people who look down on other races and keep your own in your hot heads of yours!

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