Padma Lakshmi & Krishna: These Boots Were Made For Babywearin’

Padma Lakshmi and her daughter Krishna, 1, were seen on their way to lunch in New York City on Friday (March 18).

The Top Chef host held her baby tight in a carrier while walking in her chic, heeled boots. When you’re a celeb mom you need to look put-together at all times, whereas I don’t think I got out of my bedroom slippers until my kids were in middle-school.

Padma is currently engaged in a custody battle with her daughter’s father, Adam Dell, who filed a lawsuit seeking full custody earlier this year. He is also seeking to have his name added to the birth certificate as the legal father – and to also force Krishna to take his surname along with Lakshmi.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    that baby can’t walk yet? At 1 year old? I’m surprised she is carrying such a big baby in the carrier, kinda funny. A stroller would be more appropriate.

  • Anonymous

    THAT carrier isn’t appropriate for a baby that size, but she is absolutely not too old to be worn.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe she can walk, maybe she can’t yet. She just turned one. Many babies don’t start walking until after their first birthday.

  • Anonymous

    she looks way to big for a carrier like that. It’s looking kinda funny.

  • skylar

    krishna is one beautiful baby girl.

  • Alma

    Such a beautiful baby. However, I cant seem to relate her face to her own name. It doesnt seem to fit her.

  • Shirilicious

    That kid looks nothing like Padma. Considering, how much she is fighting the father that must be a bit of a bummer for her.
    And no, the name Krishna just doesn’t fit this girl.

  • Lioness

    Wow, this little lady must be ALL Daddy, cuz I don’t see Padma ANYwhere in her, LOL!! Not in her features or her color. Genes certainly are amazing. Either way, she’s a cutie :-).

  • Anonymous

    Baby is Indian mixed with White, what did you expect the baby to look like? Of course the child will look more white because Indian already have white DNA, plus fathers genes are usually much stronger.
    and Shirilicious what do you mean the name doesn’t fit her? That’s very ignorant of you.

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