Batter Up! Sean Preston Federline’s Got Game

Five-year-old Sean Preston Federline had lots of family to cheer him on at his little league baseball game on Saturday (March 19).

Mom Britney Spears brought boyfriend Jason Trawick and Sean’s little brother Jayden, 4. Dad Kevin Federline was there and was seen coaching his son.

It looks like Britney has a very busy few weeks ahead leading up to the March 29 release of her album, Femme Fatale. Besides several appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show scheduled for the week her album drops, she will also pre-tape her Good Morning America appearance on March 27, two days before it airs. Also, MTV will dedicate March 29 to the popstar for a “Britney take-over” day on the network which will be followed by her appearance on the Kids’ Choice Awards on April 2. This all while currently rehearsing for her appearances and working on the video for her second single, ‘Till the World Ends.’ Whew!

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Janna

    That child is beautiful, and how great is it that he has these two parents who take such and interest and are really “there” for him? Fantastic!

    But…….. It really bothers me that the paparazzi are invading this child’s ball game. (Is that strange coming from someone who reads this website? I guess.) It just bothers me that they don’t have ANY moments to themselves, and now the paparazzi are invading other people’s lives as well.

  2. Anonymous

    Being filmed is part of the business. Sadly, the kids are part of it because their mother is. We don’t see the kids that often and as long the paps are at a respectable distance I don’t see anything wrong with the pics. It’s also a public place so it’s very hard not to have their pictures taken.

  3. Dana

    Adorable little boys. I guess this is as close to “normal” as they will get. Why is it that Kevin has let himself go again? I just don’t understand! He is a nice looking guy and my perception changed of him when he was on Celebrity Fit Club. He seemed really nice!

  4. Bella

    I still don’t see what Britt saw in him however he seems like a good dad which is all that matters.

  5. Anonymous

    Preston is just the cutest little boy in the world 🙂 kinda hard to look back when he was just an smiley-chubby baby and now he’s such a big boy playing baseball!!

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