Selma Blair: “I’m Unemployed & Barefoot & Pregnant!”

Former Kath & Kim star, Selma Blair, has worked in showbiz for almost 16 years, but now, the 38-year-old actress is taking a little time off as she focuses on her next big role– being a mother

“I’m having a great pregnancy,” Selma told Access Hollywood at the premiere of Brooke Shields’ “Girls Talk.” “It’s due this summer. I’m not going to say what [the sex] is yet.

“Hopefully it’s one or the other,” she added with a laugh. “Who knows these days!”

While she’s not working on anything right now, Blair does have a few projects lined up, including the thriller Replicas, and Dark Horse, in which she co-stars alongside Christopher Walken and The Hangover’s Justin Bartha.

In the meantime, the stylish mom-to-be is enjoying spending time with her boyfriend, fashion designer Jason Bleick, and giving in to her pregnancy cravings.

“I eat pancakes all day,” said Blair. “I don’t eat gluten, so I eat gluten-free pancakes. It’s a little better, but not much!

“I have a lot of pancake cravings, a lot of grapefruit [cravings],” she added.

Selma and Jason announced their pregnancy in early January. The couple met while working together on the EVER fashion line, where Bleick is the creative director and company founder.

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  • Anonymous

    Grapefruit cravings???? That’s a new one.

  • Anonymous2

    Please tell me she did NOT really say that ! It isn’t even close to funny, if that’s what she was thinking. Unemployed ? Give me a freakin break. Her Boyfriend is the creative director and company founder of the EVER fashion line, and if she didn’t save any of the money she made, then she’s stupid. She chose to be pregnant and unmarried at 38. She has 2 movies coming up. I am a disabled female veteran and I make $1k over the poverty line for my year’s retirement. I have been unemployed almost 2 years. I served my country. She makes movies and flippant remarks. People who flaunt their wealth and status and do whatever and say whatever they please make me ill.

    • Anonymous

      You really need to lighten up. She was obviously saying it in a joking way. And hello, she wasn’t saying she was *poor*. She was saying she was unemployed, which is true. She is not working. She was pointing out that she is taking it easy and not working while she is pregnant. It was a way of saying “I’m enjoying doing nothing.” There was nothing in what she said that indicated she was hurting for money, or that she was having a hard time, so I have no idea why you would interpret it that way.

      And if it’s hard for you to read about people who are better off financially than you, maybe you shouldn’t be reading a site about celebrities? They’re pretty much *all* rich.

      • Anonymous

        She made a joke. It’s not like she was asking for the world to give her sympathy. Most of Hollywood is unemployed. If actors don’t have work projects lined up then they are unemployed. Fact. It is a tough business to be in and they are not all paid millions of dollars for their work.

    • Tara

      I am grateful for your service to this country, but you do need to lighten up. I am not particularly fond of Selma Blair, but I do think she was saying it in jest.

      This has nothing to do with selma, your post is a result of pent up frustration. None of us know what is around the corner for ANY of us. Last year I went from being a married, healthy mother of a 6 month old son moving into a new home- To a divorced mother battling breast cancer, who’s older brother committed suicide within a mere two months after that happy period. Life may not be fair,
      but don’t allow your bitterness to define the rest of your life. It’s up to you to make the change.

      Additionally most people who have wealth, have earned it and they should not need to apologize for that. I admit having financial stability is a great help, but it does not buy you health or happiness.

      Good luck

    • Anonymous

      She said unemployed not broke. Unemployed by definition means you don’t have employment. That says nothing about the state of your bank account.

  • Courtney

    has it ever occured to you that maybe her birth control failed and she doesn’t believe in abortion. fruit cravings while pregnant aren’t strange at all some women can’t eat much more because most things make them nauseaus or they have severe morning sickness the entire pregnancy. Maybe Selma chose to wait until she was in a stable relationship to t.ry for a child and 38 isn’t old to have a baby Beverly D’angelo for example had her & Al Pacino’s twins when she was 49 years old and they were born perfectly healthy.

    • Anonymous

      Please, the word ‘abXXXion’ should not even be said on this site. This is a baby/pregnancy news blog, And besides, this could be her 10th pregnancy for all we know. Get what I am saying?

      • Ondine

        Why the heck not? Abortion is a legal, safe and a valid option in the instance of an aging, unwed and unemployed mother as Selma Blair professes herelf to be.

        • Tina

          Sorry it was never a “valid” option for myself as a 37 year old, who was in the process of divorce when i found out i was pregnant and was unemployed. Yes I must admit I have stable financial security of my own making, but you are jumping on the point of the poster.

          This site is to celebrate babies and motherhood. how does discussing terminating a pregnancy fit those guidelines. There are plenty of sites for that elsewhere.

          • Victoria

            Courtney wasn’t discussing abortion, she was just bringing up another POV of how to look at the situation from. And you have no say on what can or cannot be discussed on this board.

          • Tara

            I think Tina has as much a right as any of us to state her beliefs, thank you!

  • mother

    to the female vet…. pray for your angry soul. You have no idea what she makes and she wasn’t complaining. Unemployment comes in all forms, you twat! I am sorry you are such a narcissist you can’t see past your own sorry condition.

    • Anonymous

      A mother I can agree with!

  • mother

    She is adorable and the man/woman who is so bitter about her joking comments needs to go deal with themselves. Actors can be unemployed and it doesn’t mean they are complaining. It is a fact. The bitter soldier sounds very judgmental towards a woman who is giving a simple and entertaining interview. What do you expect an actor to say? Lie and say she is working when she isn’t? and then you would say how dare she keep grasping for fame and work while she is pregnant ! I have no idea what you found offensive about her remarks.

    • Anonymous

      I love Selma Blair and I thought her interview was cute and funny. Not to be taken so seriously. She wasn’t complaining or blaming..unlike some people. Maybe they should make the math question a little harder to weed out some.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen any comments on this actress so I had to check it out. Next!!!

    • Anonymous

      That comment really contributes a lot to the discussion. Do you actually have anything substantive to say?

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