Willow Smith’s Bold New ‘Do

Willow Smith was rocking yet another new look as she left her London hotel yesterday (March 19). The 10-year-old ‘Whip My Hair’ singer had a smile for the cameras as she showed off her ultra long neon braids.

The preteen superstar, who is currently touring with Justin Bieber, also flashed the “Willow sign” to fans as she jumped into a waiting car.

Will and Jada’s daughter seems to be having a blast abroad. She took to Twitter this week to gush, “London, was sooooooo AWESOME!!!!! They made me feel like I am the only girl in the world!!”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin, Pacific Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    I agree w/ the last comment….this kid looks like dennis rodman did back in his freak show days….weird outfits and hair dos – not getting enough attention i guess. Too cool for school.

  2. 10


  3. Anonymous

    She definitely ain’t an oil painting!

  4. Anonymous

    This just looks really dumb.

  5. Anonymous

    Please don’t whip that hair back and forth.

  6. Anonymous

    She looks ridiculous!!!

  7. LaKesha

    Seriously? These comments are for a 10 year old?

  8. Victoria

    I don’t think Willow (or her brother Jaden) are spoiled, and I don’t watch any of their IV’s to know if they are arrogant, but someting about her just seems like a little too much a little too soon. And the way she dresses isn’t unique or different, it’s just weird, especially because she’s only 9. She doesn’t need all that.

  9. Melania

    My, my what a bunch of nasty comments, probably all from the same person. Relax, she’s 10 years old and obviously her peer group can relate and like her. She’s not smoking crack or wearing low cut tops. Honestly, you people need to find a hobby that doesn’t involve jealousy and spite.

    • anonymous

      Melania- Just curious why is it obvious that her peer group can relate and like her? I dont see that being obvious…. My children 15 and 7 both think she is strange and TOO Fashion forward for a kid…. and NO they cant relate to Willow….

  10. Sam

    Personally, I think her hair looks horrible and wold look horrible on any person regardless of age.

  11. Anonymous

    The problem here, is that she is being treated by the people around and her fans like she is someone very special and unique. And because of her youth this kind of adulation is simply not healthy. It will change who she would have been had she been allowed to have a normal childhood. Yes, she is talented, but so are millions of other nine year old girls. They just don’t have famous wealthy parents with connections like Willow does. Unfortunately this little girl and her parents are most likely going to pay a very heavy price for this one day. I hope I’m wrong.

    I have tremendous respect for those famous parents who’ve kept their kids out of the lime light at least till adulthood.

  12. Rachel

    omg she looks like a teenager

  13. Anonymous

    i blame the parents for creating such a monster.

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