Celine Dion: New Vegas Show Is All About Family

Celine Dion just began a new three-year engagement at the Colosseum at Caesars in Las Vegas, and expect to see a theme throughout the show – her family. Her three children, René-Charles, 10, and her four-month-old twins Nelson and Eddy, are prominently featured. “I’ve been an open book all of my life,” she said last week. “There is no way for me to come back here and not share my most precious thing.”

“The world knows I just had two more beautiful babies,” the singer said. “If I come here and I don’t sing a lullaby or do not show one picture with my family, I think it’s going to be missing something. I love to share my private life.”

During the show’s debut, Celine talked about the impact motherhood has had on her life. “What I didn’t understand until I became a mother was the power, the strength and the beauty of the love of a parent for a child. In fact it knows no boundaries,” she said before a video montage featuring home videos of her family. “It is endless and it exceeds everything else.”

She later talked about the challenges of having newborns. “Growing up with three little boys, I mean, four,” she said, joking about her husband. “All that love for a mom. What a blessing!”

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  • Anonymous

    ‘I love to share my private life’ : o my, I can’t believe someone would want to use the images of her ‘famous’ babies to please the crowd…

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