Dave Grohl Learns To Juggle Kids & Career

Though he always wanted a family, rocker Dave Grohl worried that the late night gigs and cross-country tours might make fatherhood virtually impossible. But the Foo Fighters star, who has daughters Violet, almost 5, and Harper, almost 2, with his wife Jordyn Blum, is happy to report that he’s found a way to make it work.

“Having had such a good relationship with my mom and dad, I always imagined I’d have a family myself one day,” Dave says. “I just couldn’t see it happening while I was playing in a band and going on tour, being a working, traveling musician.

“Then it dawned on me that you can do both and fortunately, we are able to. A lot of people struggle with it and we know how fortunate we are that we can have the luxury of touring less and having our families come out when we want or need them to.”

In other news, don’t expect Dave and the band to join the long list of musicians lending their songs to the hit show Glee.

“It’s every band’s right, you shouldn’t have to do f**king Glee,” Dave told The Hollywood Reporter last week. “And then the guy who created Glee is so offended that we’re not, like, begging to be on his f**king show…. I watched 10 minutes. It’s not my thing.”

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  1. Moo x

    Aaw, i love Dave…he always speaks of his family with such affection, i need a man like him!! He comes across as a wonderful dad/husband. (aswell as an awesome human being and a godlike genius in his professional life…all round brilliance really, lol)

    Also, I Totally agree with Dave’s comments about Glee!

    …i am such a fangirl. lol x

  2. E

    LOVE HIM! And his girls are such cuties! he seems so sweet with them and dedicated to his family- and not at all like some lead male rock stars out there.. Love!

  3. hooher tod

    Yes there should realize the reader to RSS my feed to RSS commentary, quite simply

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